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The competitive and branding advantages of using augmented reality include: positioning the company as innovative and forward-thinking, improving customer satisfaction by providing better service and support, and differentiating the company from competitors, e.g. by being faster, making fewer errors and becoming more flexible. By using augmented reality, companies can also improve their brand image and appeal to customers who are looking for cutting-edge solutions. And you can even save money: learn from our blog how much you could save in downstream or upstream processes by the example of the automotive industry.

Augmented reality offers a wide range of real-time functionalities for remote assistance; including the ability to zoom in, share your screen, translate instructions, and draw markers within a session between experts providing and workers receiving assistance. These functionalities can help to improve communication and collaboration between supporters and field operators, even if they are located in different locations or speak different languages. TeamViewer xAssist for instance gives you the possibility to share instant virtual expertise with the help of augmented reality.

Augmented reality has been used in various industries for a range of purposes. For example, in the automotive industry, it's used to provide remote assistance to technicians, helping them diagnose and repair issues with vehicles. In the healthcare industry, AR is used to train medical professionals and improve patient treatment. In the construction industry, it's used to visualize building designs and improve collaboration among teams. Find out how companies in different idustries are already using AR in their daily operations by filtering for "TeamViewer Frontline" in the Success Stories section on our website.

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