Mei Dent

Member of the Executive Board and CPTO

Year of Birth
Initial Appointment
August 2023
Appointed until
August 2026

Professional Career:

Mei Dent has an excellent track record as a technology executive in the software and IT industry. She started her career as a software developer at IBM and spent nearly 25 years in various product and engineering related leadership roles at Canadian software giant OpenText. As part of the senior leadership team of the company’s software development organization, she was responsible for global engineering practices and processes for security, performance, user experience, as well as reusable and shared services. In her most recent role as CTO at customer communications management and engagement software provider Doxim, Mei led the entire technology organization and scaled it to support the company’s growth.

Academic Career:

Mei holds a Master in Computer Science from the Western University in Ontario.

Further Appointments and Mandates:

– Member of the Board of Directors of Almer Technologies AG, Bern/Switzerland

As of August 31st, 2023