Complete visibility of all your IT assets on one dashboard

Discover and manage every single device, software, and hidden asset on your network with our new Asset Management, powered by Lansweeper.

TeamViewer client screenshots showing Asset Management features

Get an instant detailed overview of your entire IT infrastructure

Utilizing an instant and automated discovery process, TeamViewer Asset Management gives you an in-depth view of all hardware assets on your network spanning your entire IT and IoT estate. Gain visibility of your entire inventory, manage warranty and patch information, software details, and potential security risks — all on one user-friendly dashboard.

Take your IT inventory management one step further with integrated asset management capabilities — manage software updates, system upgrades, and patch deployments for your entire IT infrastructure remotely from anywhere in the world.

Leverage insights from the dashboard and reports to increase your IT fleet’s efficiency and support data-driven decision-making.

Full visibility

Get a comprehensive overview of all your IT and IoT assets on one user-friendly dashboard.

Increased security

Experience increased security and integrity of your systems by patching operating systems and third-party applications regularly.

Deep insights

Receive in-depth insights into your hardware and software assets through the dashboard and reports.

Asset discovery and inventory

Automatically scan and discover your IT and IoT assets, creating a single source of truth for your IT inventory.

  • Save time
  • Eliminate human error
  • Uncover hidden or forgotten devices
  • Centralize your full inventory in one dashboard

Remote management and maintenance

Manage your dispersed IT fleet remotely and efficiently.

  • Deploy patches manually, or fully automated and policy-driven
  • Plan and roll out updates on time
  • Avoid security risks
  • Reduce downtime

In-depth insights

Leverage the dashboard and reports to support data-driven decision-making.

  • Gain insights
  • Identify trends
  • Optimize costs
  • Use built-in reporting

Network discovery

Use your device as a scanner to start network discovery. Our remarkable network discovery capability allows you to see the full list of your assets across 100 categories, including hidden devices.

Download the datasheet to get an overview of the types of assets you can detect.

Security and compliance

Ensure that devices in your network comply with regulations and security standards. Quickly detect and eliminate shadow IT.

Hybrid and dispersed infrastructure

Manage all IT devices, software, and updates remotely from a single dashboard.

Business scalability

Put an end to manual discovery, spreadsheets, and lack of data. Benefit from a fully automated solution with built-in reporting.

Hardware and software inventory

We cover up to 60 properties across all your devices, providing detailed hardware and software inventory.

Hardware tracking

  • Device details: Asset type, model, serial number, manufacturer, SKU, and warranty information
  • Central processing unit (CPU): Model and manufacturer
  • Random access memory (RAM): Manufacturer and total memory
  • HDD/SSD storage: Capacity as well as used and free space
  • Motherboard: Manufacturer, model, and serial number
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU): Model, capacity, and manufacturer
  • Network details: Network device, MAC address, IP address, DNS, domain, gateway, and FQDN
  • Monitor and audio: Model and manufacturer

Software monitoring

  • Installed applications: Name, version, and installation date
  • Patches and updates: Missing patches, bulletin ID, patch type, release, and severity
  • Operating system: Version and build number

Patch management

  • Operating system updates: Keep your Windows and macOS devices up to date by managing and deploying OS updates from a central location.
  • Automation: Automate your patching process. Automatically detect and patch software and OS vulnerabilities.
  • Third-party applications: Don’t put your IT at risk by focusing only on OS updates. Monitor and deploy patches for third-party applications automatically.
  • Custom policies: Define policies to accommodate the varying needs of your end users, entire departments, and individual customers.

Getting started

TeamViewer and Lansweeper have teamed up to deliver a fully-fledged asset management solution. To experience TeamViewer Asset Management, either purchase your TeamViewer license or start a trial.

TeamViewer Remote UI screenshots showing how to get started with Asset Management
Step 1

Activate your license

Activate your paid license or free trial by adding your first devices to the inventory.

Step 2

Discover your assets

Once the activation is complete, you will be able to see all the hardware information, system updates, and installed software on activated devices.

Step 3

Enable network discovery

Use network discovery to see the full list of your assets across 100 categories, including hidden devices.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It covers both hardware and software details, asset discovery, patch management, and software deployment.

TeamViewer Asset Management ensures that you get detailed insights, retrieving up to 60 unique properties from each managed asset. This encompasses both hardware and software details for comprehensive asset management.

No, one of the key features of our solution is credential-free asset discovery. This means you can seamlessly discover assets without the need for individual device credentials, making the process both secure and hassle-free.

Yes, our integration captures warranty specifics, helping you track and manage warranties efficiently.

Absolutely. The solution supports remote deployment of software as well as OS patches, ensuring your assets are always up-to-date.

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