Augmented reality has grown up — and can reduce operational costs

We’ve all seen how augmented reality (AR) can help with some of the fun things in life. You can use your smartphone to see what new furniture would look like in your home. Or try on the latest fashions in a virtual fitting room online. The advantages of AR in marketing are clear: engaging customers in creative, interactive experiences.

Illustration showing operational supply chain

More recently, other areas of business, such as production, HR, logistics and warehousing, are leveraging AR’s immersive, collaborative power to reduce operational costs. Yes, AR is all grown up now and has become a power tool that can reduce operational expenses. Forget about clunky gaming headsets, think more about lightweight smart glasses — and how they can increase operational efficiency in your business.

Read on to find out more about augmented reality in business and how your organization can benefit.

Improve productivity and reduce operational costs

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Revolutionize operational efficiency and training with AR

  • Augmented reality for staffing, onboarding, and training

    Using AR technologies, your HR team can not only enhance your employees’ experience and performance but also increase their own operations’ efficiency.


    How? By showcasing your company’s culture, values, and work environment through virtual tours, HR can attract, recruit, and retain the best talent. And once they are hired, onboarding new staff is simplified with AR. Your new workers learn procedures and corporate policies in a memorable, immersive AR environment. And with easy remote collaboration and communication through smart-glasses, recent hires can quickly call on the support of mentors and managers.


    AR helps your HR professionals train and educate employees in a more effective and engaging way. Bulky manuals and stuffy training rooms are a thing of the past. The rich immersive nature of AR enables interactive learning and improves information retention. The result? You’ll see a more prepared and engaged workforce. Thanks to AR technology, skilled staff can quickly progress from theoretical tasks to firsthand, practical duties with headsets supporting processes by showing real-time, step-by-step instructions. What’s more, AR provides immediate feedback to newbies and work assessments to supervisors.

  • TeamViewer Frontline: Increase cost efficiency with augmented reality solutions

    TeamViewer Frontline is an enterprise productivity platform that offers augmented reality solutions for businesses employing frontline workers. It enables employees to access digital information and guidance through wearable tech, such as smart glasses, as well as mobile end-devices including tablets and smartphones. By using TeamViewer Frontline, everyone can perform tasks faster, more accurately, and with less errors.


    TeamViewer Frontline reduces your operational costs by improving the efficiency and quality of work processes. In the logistics and warehousing sector, TeamViewer Frontline digitizes order picking, inventory control, and other logistics processes with its xPick solution. xPick allows workers to pick items by vision, without the need for paper lists or handheld scanners. This can save time, reduce errors, and increase productivity.


    Similarly, in assembly and production, TeamViewer Frontline’s xMake solution augments manufacturing processes. This provides workers with step-by-step instructions and visual cues in their field of view, replacing physical manuals and enabling faster assembly and onboarding times. And in-built camera functionality checks and enhances quality assurance, reducing subsequent rework costs.

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Frequently asked questions about reducing operational costs with AR

Operational costs are the total expenses incurred when running a business. Cost of goods sold (COGS) includes direct costs of producing goods. Operating expenses (OPEX) are indirect business costs such as rent, utilities, marketing, admin, et cetera. Operating cost is calculated as follows: Operating cost = COGS + OPEX

AR improves cost efficiency by enhancing the performance and productivity of workers, reducing errors and waste, and providing better collaboration. Cost savings can be made by leveraging the flexibility of AR to shorten training times and streamline processes.

AR overlays digital information, guidance, and images onto real-world views. It helps workers assemble complex products, warehouse pickers select the right products, and employees learn on-the-job. Companies introduce AR applications to their processes to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

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