How to use TeamViewer Remote

TeamViewer Remote is a remote access software that allows users to connect to another computer from anywhere in the world.

On this page, you’ll learn how to set up your devices as well as how to connect to remote devices and users.

Do you use a licensed version of TeamViewer Remote?

If you purchased a TeamViewer Remote license, please activate it by following the instructions in the respective license activation article.

If you are using the free version of TeamViewer Remote, you can skip this step.

Get started with TeamViewer Remote in two easy steps

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Create an account

An account is required to use TeamViewer Remote. Using an account allows you to manage your devices and contacts centrally. How to create an account.

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Set up Two-Factor Authentication

Protect your TeamViewer account from unauthorized access with an additional security code. How to set up Two-Factor Authentication.

TeamViewer Remote

Start a remote session with another person

  1. Open TeamViewer Remote.
  2. Navigate to the Remote Support tab.
  3. Click on Create a session.
  4. Enter a session name.
  5. Share the session with the participant.
  6. Click on Save.
  • Alternatively, by clicking on the copy icon, you can also share the session by:
    • Sharing the session code
    • Sending an invitation text, including the session link
    • Sharing the session via WhatsApp
    • Sharing the session link

  1. Select the option that applies to you and start the session accordingly.
  • If the expert sent you a session link, open the link in your browser.
  • If the expert sent you an email, open the e-mail and click on Join session.

2. You will be prompted to join the session.

  • If you haven't TeamViewer Remote (full version) installed:
  • Click For Windows or For macOS, depending on which operating system you use. TeamViewer QuickSupport will be downloaded. Once the download has finished, open TeamViewer QuickSupport, accept the terms and conditions, and click Continue.
  • If you have TeamViewer Remote (full version) installed, click Open.

Start a remote session
  1. A pop-up will inform the expert that the participant has joined the session. To start the remote session, the expert must click on Start a session.
  2. The participant will be prompted to accept or decline the remote session. To establish the remote session, the participant must click Join.

Do you want to access a remote device?

  1. Connect to the remote device by starting a session using QuickSupport. Please see the full instructions here.
  2. In the remote session toolbar, click Files & Extras, hover the mouse over Install TeamViewer remotely and select Install TeamViewer Host.
  3. Click Install Host module.
  4. Click OK or let the countdown end automatically.
  5. Click Wait for partner.
  6. Click Reconnect.

You have successfully installed TeamViewer Host on your remote device.

Alternatively, you can also install the TeamViewer Host manually. Please see the full instructions here.

  1. Open TeamViewer Host.
  2. Click on Manage this device.
  3. Enter your TeamViewer account e-mail and click Continue.
  4. Enter your password and click Allow.
  5. Add your device to your trusted devices list. For more information, please read this article.
  6. Once your device has been added to your trusted devices list, click Assign.

Remote access without confirmation has been successfully set up on your remote device.

  1. Sign in to your account via or the TeamViewer Remote client.
  2. Go to your Device list, select the device you want to connect to, and click Connect.

You are now connected to your remote device.

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