6 thg 3, 2020

Using remote access to help parents with computers

  • Manage systems and machines
  • It’s simple to help out tech-challenged parents using the right tools

    While it might seem easy to you, new technology isn’t always simple to understand for older generations. When you’re in the same house, it’s straightforward enough to offer technology tips for your parents and to assist with any PC drama along the way. However, what can be done when you move out of home and are no longer there in person to solve computer issues and fix all the tech problems? Downloading TeamViewer will help.

    When you’re the tech-savvy member of the family, most of the burden falls on you with regard to helping parents with technology. Thankfully, TeamViewer’s remote access software assists with solving tech issues when you’re far from home. The ability to remotely help parents with computers on several platforms – even when they’re on a PC and you’re on a Mac, for example – means fewer headaches when trying to solve their tech issues.

    Many computer issues that arise are relatively small and simple to fix. Regardless whether it’s “the internet has gone,” “I can’t find the download,” or “the printer isn’t connected,” however, these problems are all still ones that need to be resolved. There are even TeamViewer mobile apps that let you access computers remotely when on the go. Now there’s no excuse to avoid helping out!

    Trying to assist relatives with any tech problems over the phone used to be difficult and very time-consuming. You couldn’t see what they were seeing and this usually left everyone frustrated and even more annoyed at technology. Installing TeamViewer for free is a great solution because they’ll no longer have to describe to you what’s happening on their screen. This is because you’ll be able to remotely control their computer and see precisely what’s happening when doing so. It’s far quicker and more productive to help your parents with computer issues when using TeamViewer screen sharing software.

    Begin these steps if you haven’t already:

    • Have TeamViewer installed on your computer and/or smartphone
    • Install TeamViewer and have it set up on your parents’ computer or assist them with the download and installation
    • In the future, and with their permission, you’ll need your parents’ Partner ID and password in order to provide any technology tips for your parents
    • Be sure that both parties have a stable Wi-Fi connection
    • Place a shortcut to TeamViewer on your parents’ computer so that controlling the remote computer is quicker next time

    Tech tips for parents start at the beginning

    Although TeamViewer helps with plenty of issues, knowledge is still power. Educating your parents on how certain computer programs and devices function will help later on. Imagine trying to solve a printer issue and finding out that the problem was no paper or ink the entire time. If possible, help parents with computer problems by sitting down with them and teaching them how it all works, regardless if that’s using a browser, installing software, emailing, etc. Sending them YouTube videos also helps, since it’s often easier to learn something by watching and then doing it yourself. For everything else? There’s TeamViewer.

    Keep in mind that using TeamViewer isn’t just about providing technology tips for your parents, but can also be used to remotely help out other relatives, friends, loved ones, or even colleagues. You’ll be able to assist as many people as you like with their computer issues, no matter where you are in the world. Even if the problem is something incredibly uncomplicated to you, it’s always easy when you know how. Stay patient and use TeamViewer’s software to remotely fix technology issues and help parents with computers in their time of need.