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6 reasons you shouldn’t download cracked versions of TeamViewer

Free remote access sounds great. But here’s why it’s always safer to use the real thing. 

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  • Remember when software came on CDs or even floppy disks? Companies had to make sure people didn’t buy it and copy it. As a result, copy protection was invented. This usually meant that long serial numbers had to be typed in during installation. 

    When it came to software, everything changed with the internet and file sharing platforms. Quickly people started to share copyright-protected music, movies, and proprietary software online for free. With software, they often altered the code in a way to completely remove the copy protection. 

    These days, many dubious websites exist on the web, providing free versions of software — including TeamViewer — that usually require a subscription. According to the BSA The Software Alliance's most recent Global Software Survey, 37% of software globally was unlicensed or cracked. Its estimated value came to a staggering $46.3 billion!

    Here, we’re going to explore the risks of cracked or unlicensed software and offer some tips for recognizing a cracked version of TeamViewer. Though widespread, downloading unlicensed software opens you and your business up to countless security risks — as we’ll now see. 

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    Is using cracked applications dangerous?

    Short answer: yes. When a person 'cracks’ software, they remove or disable certain features. This mostly involves getting rid of the copy protection or usage control features of the original version — things like serial numbers, hardware keys or activation codes. 

    This is more complicated than it sounds and often proves to be impossible. Here at TeamViewer, for example, we sign our binary code to make it non-interchangeable, a measure that is difficult to reverse. Sometimes, IT security defense measures are also activated on your computer once you try to run a cracked version. 

    There is no general rule to determine the risk a specific crack poses — but keep in mind that by using it, you’re putting yourself and your company in the hands of an entirely unknown individual or entity. And you have no real reason to trust them.

    6 things to consider before using cracked software

    Maybe you or one of your colleagues are thinking about downloading and using cracked software. But before you do that, it’s worth stopping to consider these things: 

    1. The website you’re downloading from could be dangerous 

    Just like you do not know the person who cracked the software and their intentions, you have no idea about the kind of website you’re downloading from.

    In fact, by clicking a pop-up or any kind of link — including the one to the download — you’re exposing yourself and your whole network to potential threats like adware infections or ransomware. 

    2. The crack could contain malware

    Cracked software is provided by unknown third parties, so there’s no way of knowing what else comes with the download. There’s always the risk of malware. Things like viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, keyloggers, or spyware.

    Slowing down your computer or damaging some files may sound relatively harmless. However, malware can also be used to gather sensitive information like passwords from your browser or take control of your webcam. 

    Ultimately, this can mean serious economic fallout. According to the already mentioned BSA The Software Alliance study, dealing with the malware associated with cracked software can cost more than $10,000 per infected computer for a worldwide total of more than $359 billion!

    3. The crack could make you non-compliant 

    Using cracked software can also lead to serious compliance infractions. By violating software licensing agreements, you risk breaching data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA — both of which can lead to hefty fines. 

    Cracked software also fails to meet industry standards (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA) due to security vulnerabilities and lack of updates. Little surprise, then, that according to a recent KPMG report, businesses across all industries see cybersecurity as their biggest compliance challenge.

    4. You won’t get any customer support

    If you have a problem or query with legally acquired software, you can always call the vendor’s tech support team. And this is incredibly important to consumers, who are five times more likely to recommend a brand and 3.5 times more likely to make a purchase after positive customer experiences.  

    With cracked versions, you don’t have this option. Sometimes online tutorials or forums will help, but for new or complicated issues, there’s no guarantee of solving them without expert advice. Eventually, this might mean that you won’t be able to use the crack and will have to buy the paid version. 

    5. You won’t get any updates

    The latest updates and patches are crucial for keeping your systems and devices safe from constantly evolving online threats. Developers are always looking to close vulnerabilities in their software in a timely manner — and those fixes are usually distributed by the latest update. 

    Cracked versions do not have access to these important updates and leave you increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Not only this, but updates often include new and improved features you don't want to miss. 

    All this is easy with TeamViewer official software. Automatically roll out the latest updates across your entire IT fleet and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your software is always secure and up to date. 

    6. The crack might not work

    You might install cracked software only to find out later that it doesn’t work, crashes regularly, or cannot be used in the way that you want. This is because to crack the official version, the application must be changed slightly. This often negatively affects the crack’s performance, which might mean losing essential files or corrupting data.

    Additionally, even if the software runs smoothly at the beginning, it might malfunction or stop working altogether later — when you’re in the middle of a critical project, for example. One reason for this is that some vendors regularly conduct registration checks. If your version is not authorized, they might deny you further access to it. 

    How to spot a TeamViewer crack

    Many websites offering a TeamViewer crack look legitimate and professional. But the only secure way of downloading TeamViewer is from our official webpage. This is important to know because sometimes it's hard to spot a crack by analyzing the software itself. 

    One hint is to look at the storage space taken up by the software. An interesting fact about TeamViewer cracks is that the cracker does not change the underlying code of the software, but only takes measures to bypass our licensing controls. 

    This is done by ‘packaging’ more script around the original code. As a result, the crack takes up more storage space than the official version. And why would they do this? Well, this extra space is for the malware designed to harm your devices once it’s installed.  


    Using cracked software exposes you and your company to significant cybersecurity risks. From dangerous malware infections and non-compliance to the lack of crucial updates and support, the dangers far outweigh any perceived benefits. Cracked software might not work properly or could stop working altogether at critical moments, jeopardizing your important projects.

    At TeamViewer, we invest continuously in security, providing constant updates and dedicated customer support to ensure you get the best possible experience. For that reason, you should protect your business and data by always using the official version of TeamViewer.

    Visit our Trust Center to learn more about how we safeguard your information and why sticking with the original is always the best decision — both for peace of mind and productivity.

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