Toyota Deutschland GmbH has been based in Germany since 1971, and has since established itself strongly as a brand in the German automotive market. The company‘s own Toyota and Lexus workshops provide comprehensive services and vehicle repairs for customers.


In more complex cases, where an expert is needed to assess and solve vehicle issues, a great deal of time and communication was previously required. The limited number of specialists and their required travel time to the respective workshop made it difficult to find an appointment and led to repair delays. This resulted in longer waiting times for customers without having the vehicle available. 

  • Deployment of experts
  • Travel expenses
  • Provisioning replacement vehicles for customers


With the TeamViewer Frontline remote support solution, mechanics can now contact experts directly through their smart glasses. The camera in the smart glasses captures the exact field of view of the mechanic.

This image is transmitted to the remote expert in real time through a video call. The 1:1 transmission makes it easier for the expert to assess the situation. Problems are thus solved immediately in a collaborative environment, using comprehensive remote support feature.


20% fewer field service visits

Faster issue resolution

Higher customer satisfaction