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TeamViewer Cyber Robotics Competition

Creating a world that works better — one line of code at a time!​

Empowering younger generations through technology​

The TeamViewer Cyber Robotics Competition powered by CoderZ is taking place in March and April, inviting more than 750 children in Germany and the US to explore the exciting world of coding and robotics.

This nine-week competition aims to introduce programming and robotics while also helping participants develop important skills for their future, like problem-solving, teamwork, and analytical thinking.

Bringing our vision to life ​

At TeamViewer, we develop remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions with one goal — to create a smarter and better working world. We believe in the power of technology to positively impact the world. Our vision is to create a world that works better, and we think technology and innovation can get us there!

“Access to technology” is a cornerstone of our c-a-r-e sustainability framework. Under this pillar, we drive initiatives to empower individuals through technology and create pathways for future generations to dream bigger and achieve more. The TeamViewer Cyber Robotics Competition brings our vision to life in an exciting and engaging way.

Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability is part of our business model and corporate culture. Our contributions and ambitions are defined within our sustainability framework named c-a-r-e, which has allowed us to have clear commitments, targets, and measures to become a more sustainable business.

​ How is the competition structured?

  • Training phase

    Teachers, mentors, and kids get familiar with the platform and start gaining their first coding and robotics knowledge. This phase is all about building confidence for the next stage.

  • Missions revealed

    The competition starts! Participants are ready to start with the challenges and get points for their teams.

  • Last challenges

    Teams are ready to bring their skills to the next level with the more challenging missions.

  • Time to celebrate!​

    We will reveal the winners and celebrate everybody's success!

    Winning schools will receive financial prizes to support their STEM efforts at their schools. Winning teams will also participate in the CoderZ League International and get an exclusive meet and greet with our developers.

The TeamViewer Cyber Robotics Competition is powered by CoderZ.