In the manufacturing sector, the pace of competition continues to rise — pushing for lower price per part, shorter lead times, and more stringent quality control. Manufacturers today are focusing on achieving higher levels of productivity, optimizing processes, and reducing costs to meet these rising demands and maximize their machine utilization rates.

Hurco Companies, Inc., a US manufacturer of 5 axis machining centers, turning centers, autobend, CNC control software, is also affected by this change. The industrial technology company designs and produces interactive computer controls, software and computerized machine tools and machine tool components. The end market for the company’s products consists primarily of independent job shops and short-run manufacturing operations within large corporations in industries such as aerospace, defense, medical equipment, energy, transportation and computer equipment. 


  • Increasing uptime for HURCO customers
  • Reducing service response time and minimizing travel cost of onsite support
  • Enabling customers and on-site technicians to troubleshoot and perform maintenance procedures efficiently


TeamViewer Assist AR enabled HURCO to provide real-time technical support to its customers and on-site technicians for inspection, repair and maintenance anywhere in the world without having to travel.


With TeamViewer Assist AR, the experts can see on their smartphone what the customers and onsite technicians see on the machine and guide them using 3d markers and text annotations. This reduced the overall response time for fault detection and resolution and increased savings on travel cost.

Ryan Lay Manager Control Support and Testing at Hurco

“Previously we would have to talk to the customer and ask them to describe the error and then somebody had to visit the site to troubleshoot and identify the fault and then resolve. With Assist AR, an agent located anywhere in the world can be virtually ‘transported’ to the customer in an instant.”