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Helping you deliver always-on support and a competition-beating customer experience

When it comes to service and support, customer expectations have never been higher. Staying ahead of the competition requires the ability to provide customers with precisely the help and information they expect, right at the point of need — and via the device or channel of their choosing.

TeamViewer — the trusted remote support platform — equips customer service reps, technical support, and sales staff to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Connect securely and quickly with any customer on any device. Get eyes on any problem and deliver instant answers.

With TeamViewer’s combination of remote access, remote control, and support capabilities at your fingertips, you are all set to convert new customers, boost loyalty, and grow your brand.

Optimizing customer support within businesses — for technicians, ground employees, and new starters

Benefits of remote access for customer support

  • Distributed customers

    For pre-sales queries, after-sales customer care, technical problem resolution, and all other aspects of support, your business needs a better way to connect and interact with customers. With TeamViewer Remote, you can access what your customer sees firsthand, get to the heart of their problem straight away, and deliver immediate help.

  • Enhancing traditional communication methods

    Traditional telephone helpdesks often leave customers frustrated. Physical callouts can be both impractical and expensive. With TeamViewer’s stable, lag-free connection, we help you see what your customers see to fix problems easily.

  • Eliminating technological barriers

    Your customer base likely comprises individuals with varying levels of technical know-how. TeamViewer takes the hassle out of remote access and is free to use for your customers. Fast set-up and an intuitive interface mean that virtual customer service is within easy reach of all your customers.

  • Doing more with less

    Many customer service teams are often under pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency while service levels are maintained. With TeamViewer, you are better equipped to do more with fewer resources.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Android or iPhone, tablet or PC, provide the same outstanding level of support to all customers, no matter what device those customers use
  • Easy to use: Quick and easy to set up, TeamViewer allows customers to tap into your customer support with just a couple of clicks
  • Secure connections: State-of-the-art encryption means customer data and communications are safe from prying eyes
  • Unified platform: Ideal for high-volume customer support departments, all devices and connectivity sessions can be managed through a single interface
  • Session recording: Record and retain sessions for customer relationship management, training, and team review

Overcoming the challenges for customer service, support teams, and administration

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Immediate personalized assistance at the point of need

If they have a query, customers increasingly expect instant, personalized assistance that’s directly relevant to the problem at hand. With TeamViewer’s combined remote access and remote control capabilities, you can view, troubleshoot, and replace generic advice with real-time visual interactions. These connections mean faster and more successful resolution of issues, improving average resolution time and customer retention rates.

Tackling diverse customer security settings

Your customer service team is hardwired to create a support experience that sets you apart from the competition, and this is elevated by TeamViewer. Your customers’ infrastructures will have varying security configurations in place, including stringent firewall settings and hyper-strict security. With Conditional Access, TeamViewer Tensor can be configured to support only one allowlisted IP address: supporting from a single trusted location. You can offer customer support to high-value customers, with quicker onboarding, efficient troubleshooting, and effective issue resolution.

Ensuring security

Customers need reassurance that their communications, payment information, and other sensitive data are in safe hands. With TeamViewer, best-in-class security, including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and full compliance with GDPR, all combine to safeguard customer data — along with your reputation.

Multiple options for problem-solving

Effective customer service means different levels of intervention for a wide range of queries. It may mean quick access to resolve a simple problem — alongside sharing your screen to demonstrate a quick fix. For more complex technical issues, it could mean using TeamViewer’s remote control capabilities to interact directly with your customer’s device.

A user-friendly support process

Use the intuitive interface of TeamViewer’s remote desktop solutions to easily set up virtual connections with customers — wherever they happen to be based. Even in areas with limited bandwidths, TeamViewer’s industry-leading compression capabilities and high image quality ensure a high-quality user experience.

Managing departmental budgets

TeamViewer Remote enables your customer service team and support technicians to do more of what they do best, at the most effective price. TeamViewer is free to use for your customers and lets your team securely access any customer device, regardless of operating system, and fix more problems remotely, and at speed. Instant remote access lets you see for yourself if a problem needs to be escalated up the support chain, ensuring your department’s resources are put to the best possible use.

Benefits of remote access for customer support

TeamViewer Remote empowers your customer service team to do what they do best: giving customers precisely the support and information they require — right at the point of need. With the help of this best-in-class remote support software, here’s how easily accessible and hyper-relevant virtual customer service can benefit your team.

The benefits at a glance

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

Why choose TeamViewer?


The privacy and security of your customers is our top priority. 256-bit, end-to-end encryption for all connections and data transfer, multi-factor authentication, and fine-grained permissions ensure your customers are protected.


High transmission speeds, lag-free performance, and an intuitive interface means a hassle-free experience for your customers, boosting satisfaction levels and strengthening their relationship with your brand.


TeamViewer makes it much easier to handle new markets and increase customer volumes with existing resources. Rapidly deploy TeamViewer Remote to thousands of devices, run multiple support sessions at once, and integrate the solution with your CRM of choice.