When supporting conventional equipment such as copiers, printers, and multifunction printers, RICOH must ensure the current level of high customer satisfaction is maintained. Meanwhile, due to aging service engineer staff, the retirement of experienced engineers, and the new mindset of young engineers, they were facing a shortage of skilled labor.


Engineers that are sent to clients must have a high level of expertise to provide services on site. However, as service engineers have different qualifications, and logistical support is required in certain cases, it is important to create an efficient support system.


Cameras are used to transmit on-site conditions to the office so that site information can be shared with their staff and expert engineers. In addition, by using TeamViewer augmented reality technology to provide precise instructions based on real-time video calls, more accurate and higher quality services can be provided.

Hiroshi Morohoshi Japan Corporation Marketing Division at RICOH

“While investigating different technologies, I came across the TeamViewer product, which is very easy to deploy.”