2 wrz 2020

TeamViewer Integrates with Microsoft Teams

London, UK, September 2, 2020  – TeamViewer, a leading global provider of secure remote connectivity solutions, announced a new integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to launch TeamViewer remote support and augmented reality (AR) connections from within the Microsoft Teams environment.

“Remaining productive while working remotely has never been more important,” says Alfredo Patron Executive VP of Business Development at TeamViewer.  “Microsoft Teams is used by all types of organisations worldwide for online meetings, collaboration and more.  Embedding TeamViewer remote access and AR support will give Microsoft Teams users even more options to collaborate and increase productivity regardless of location.”

The Microsoft Teams platform offers a wide variety of different communication capabilities and serves as a hub that contains the tools that remote teams need to perform their tasks.  Now users can download the TeamViewer app from the Microsoft Teams Apps store, log into their TeamViewer accounts and immediately share TeamViewer invites for remote control or AR connections with their colleagues in 1-to-1 or group channels to collaborate and support them more efficiently when you “just need to see” what the problem is.  AR connections are especially valuable when physical tasks are required –  with TeamViewer Pilot, you can ‘virtually’ point and draw in the user’s field of view to demonstrate in detail what to do, as well as share files, type and talk.  Moreover, through the intuitive TeamViewer device access toggle buttons, product teams can work more efficiently by instantly sharing access to all the required devices and environments with the rest of their working groups.   Having the ability to do all these from within Microsoft Teams is key for an intuitive user experience and higher productivity.

Once the integration is deployed, Microsoft Teams users can manage device groups they can access, share devices with team members and view their TeamViewer Dashboard as a personal tab, providing a view of all active sessions, connection history and a helpful user guide.

To leverage this integration, organisations will need a Microsoft Teams license and a compatible TeamViewer plan.  For more information, go to: https://www.teamviewer.com/microsoft-teams