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Single sign-on (SSO) made simple

Dive into our on-demand webinar and discover the power and simplicity of Single Sign-on (SSO). Learn about best practices in feature deployment, customer success stories, and how you can enhance your security, compliance, and user experience.

All you need to know

Title: SSO made simple: Best practices for secure enterprise connectivity solutions
Duration: 30 minutes
Availability: On-Demand

Remote connectivity is essential today, but it is also at risk. Increased cyberattacks and unauthorized access to business-critical infrastructure are challenging the safety of connected and distributed workforces.

With TeamViewer Tensor’s security features, we enable you to best protect your business and stay in full control of remote connectivity in a complex, digital-first era. In this webinar, our experts will walk you through one of TeamViewer Tensor’s security features: Single Sign-on.

What can Single Sign-on do for your organization? How does it work in practice? And how can it be customized to your needs?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • All about Single Sign-on and how it can enhance your security, compliance and user experience.
  • How to save time and effort logging in and starting remote sessions, while still meeting security requirements, with Single Sign-on
  • Best practices in features deployment and customer success stories that highlight the tangible benefits of Single Sign-on

About the speakers

Gilbert Vargas

Enterprise Account Manager at TeamViewer

Gilbert works closely with customers, technical and business stakeholders to align and develop sustainable plans for remote management across enterprises. As a 24-year veteran in the software technology industry, Gil listens to customers’ strategic goals and individual objectives. Finally, he served in the US Marine Corps and graduated from San Diego State University.

Aaron Boshers

Product Security Manager at TeamViewer

Aaron is a product security manager for TeamViewer helping customers understand the security of our products and company. Aaron is also a US Navy veteran and a graduate from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with community involvement with the MCPA and Neon Temple.

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