4 de abr de 2022

TeamViewer opens regional headquarter in Singapore to accelerate digital transformation across the APAC region

SINGAPORE, April 4, 2022 – TeamViewer®, a global leading provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, opened its Asia Pacific regional headquarters office in Singapore today.

At an opening ceremony presided by Oliver Steil, TeamViewer’s Chief Executive Officer, and Sojung Lee, President for TeamViewer Asia Pacific, the company presented the strategic goals it is pursuing in the region. Guests of Honor that attended the Opening Ceremony included leaders from the German Embassy, German Chamber of Commerce as well as representatives of TeamViewer’s partners alliance, whose members include Exclusive Networks, Fujitsu, Google, M.Tech, SingTel, RealWear, SAP, and Vuzix.

Oliver Steil: “This opening is a central pillar of our APAC strategy. We are creating a central sales hub for the entire region, with special focus on strategic alliances, channel partners and distributors. This new setup will accelerate our growth initiatives in key markets. There is a massive demand from companies in the region to digitalize business processes along the entire value chain, accompanied by an open mindset towards new technologies like enterprise Augmented Reality solutions.”

“We have already begun to work with key partners to deliver and implement TeamViewer’s enterprise solutions in the region”, said Sojung Lee. “The new office space will host the entire APAC leadership and regional team. It enables us to coordinate and manage our business in a more efficient way and will thereby support to strengthen our APAC footprint. In addition, we have set up interactive demo stations in the new office to showcase our AR solutions and share industry references. This allows partners and customers to experience our latest solutions first-hand. From Singapore, we will expand our business across the region, including ANZ, ASEAN, Greater China, India, Japan, and South Korea.”

Digitalizing manual processes in industrial environments and optimizing IT/OT management

TeamViewer’s enterprise AR solutions enable companies to digitalize processes for frontline workers at the shopfloor using software running on smart glasses or mobile devices. The platform called TeamViewer Frontline offers the easy creation of step-by-step guided workflows as well as precise and reliable remote troubleshooting and contextual knowledge sharing via a shared camera stream and AR annotations. It includes ready-to-deploy solutions for order picking, assembly, quality assurance, maintenance and inspection, training, and remote assistance while being highly customizable.

TeamViewer’s enterprise remote connectivity solutions enable businesses not only to manage their entire IT infrastructure and office devices, but also to remotely connect and control operational technology (OT) equipment or embedded devices.

For example, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can have secured remote access to their deployed field assets to maintain and update equipment and deliver better after-sales experiences for customers, create new business models and services, and reduce costs.

TeamViewer also helps to achieve complete visibility of connected devices, to troubleshoot technical issues remotely which reduces downtime and time-to-response, a reduction in repair and downtime costs due to remote operations and service intervention planning, along with competitive advantage.