Stay compliant with connection logging and reporting policies

Audit user actions to detect risks, comply with data security requirements, and improve support services. Log all user activity, record remote sessions, and set user policies for complete auditability and visibility into who is doing what, when, and for how long.

With TeamViewer Tensor, you can ensure your enterprise stays compliant with security protocols and internal requirements, while detecting security risks before they impact your business. Built-in reporting captures all remote session activities and Management Console actions for every incoming and outgoing connection.

Critical for security purposes, these audit logs can only be viewed by designated IT admins with appropriate user permissions.


Feature highlights

  • Decide if activity logging is needed for remote sessions and the Management Console
  • Maintain accountability and provide precise billing for provided services
  • Authorize specific user access to reports and event logs
  • Cut costs by eliminating the need for third-party logging tools
  • Track customer satisfaction with session comments and customer feedback forms to improve your services
  • Save all session recordings to a specified network or local drive location
  • Automatically video record all session activity such as remote desktop connection, without allowing end users to pause or stop the recordings


Use cases

  • Internal support: Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your internal IT organization
  • Third-party support: Get insights into how your vendors are providing support
  • Project-based work: Gain an overview of temporary, time-based projects

Key benefits

  • Efficiency

    Identify and prioritize risks, track effectiveness and team efficiency with up-to-date information and reports in real-time.

  • Compliance

    Granular connection reporting, ideal for audit and compliance requirements.

  • Regulations

    Maintain and prove compliance across HIPAA, GDPR, TISAX, and other regulations.

  • Reputation

    Safeguard IT departments against inaccurate claims.

Frequently asked questions

Auditability is comprehensive logging of incoming or outgoing connections which helps companies track, monitor, and perform timely audits when required. Auditability enables IT departments to safeguard their support centers against threats and inaccurate claims.

No. Event logging needs to be activated by the user in accordance with your company's data collection and usage policies, which may require general consent.  Only company administrators can activate event logging.

Company administrators typically have access to the event log dialog in the Management Console. They can also provide access to other users if required.

You can access event logs from the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the Management Console. Apply filters as needed and download the filtered list of events in .csv format.

Event data during remote control sessions is only collected from users who are authenticated as a member of the company that has enabled event logging. Events that are logged include initiation of a remote session, file transfers, user profile edits, deletion of users, deletion of groups, adding policies, and editing user permissions. For a more detailed list visit this page.

Feature spotlights

TeamViewer Tensor enables enterprises to leverage the power of remote connectivity for managing and securing their device infrastructure – in both IT and OT environments.

In addition to indispensable remote access and support features, TeamViewer Tensor offers a set of features that is designed specifically to meet the needs of large organizations with greater security, compliance, and administrative requirements.

Why TeamViewer Tensor

360° security for your enterprise

Tensor is built with enterprise-grade security in mind to give you full control over every incoming and outgoing connection.

Even wider remote device support

Tensor allows remote support across all user scenarios and device types to ensure all your enterprise devices are covered.

Scale as your business expands

As your business grows, Tensor is ready to grow with you. Scale up by providing support from mobile devices to traditional PCs to IoT devices.

Governance and compliance

TeamViewer Tensor provides you with a 360° auditing and logging functionality, so you can track all activity performed on any device. This helps protect you from abusive claims and makes your business more compliant.

Classical IT and extended OT use cases

Companies that have a large digital footprint can leverage TeamViewer Tensor for both their classical IT support needs and emerging OT support for embedded devices.

Simplify and make your support experiences intuitive

Instantly add remote support and remote access capabilities to any enterprise ITSM application with the TeamViewer Integration Suite.