Remote solutions for Logistics

Enabling joined-up energy operations

Keeping energy online with failsafe communication, support, and remote access

As energy companies realign their business models and diversify their offerings, it means managing a scattered, more complex portfolio of assets. TeamViewer delivers world-class support for even the most remote field operations, along with elevated communication, collaboration, and control across your entire business.

Remote connectivity for the energy industry

Empowering oil and gas, power generation, transmission and distribution with on-demand support, and team collaboration

Meeting energy needs: Empowering teams in the field, technical support, and performance monitoring

Energy companies must ensure that the communication, collaboration, and remote access technologies they have in play support their specific business objectives. These include achieving visibility across all assets, ensuring continuity of supply, and empowering employees to get up-to-speed rapidly.

  • A holistic view of operations

    In energy, projects are interconnected, involving offshore facilities, generation plants, substations, logistics, and supply chains. Success hinges on communication, collaboration, and real-time tracking of performance, risks, and timings.

  • Costs management

    As the market remains volatile and input costs are high, the pressure is on to achieve savings. Part of this should involve ensuring on-demand access to all areas of the business, including accurate, up-to-date information on the condition of assets — helping you stem minor production anomalies before they escalate into costly problems.

  • Ensuring continuity of supply

    Downtime and unplanned shutdowns risk service breaches, revenue loss, and reputation damage. Poor communication increases downtime chances. Teams, both local and remote, must communicate and cooperate efficiently, enabling technicians and engineers to swiftly address and prevent potential outages.

  • Ergonomic and safety management

    In the energy sector, ignoring frontline guidelines can lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) among technicians and engineers, who perform routine tasks that risk their health and safety. With a tight labor market, finding skilled workers is challenging. Prioritizing health, safety, and environment (HSE) quality in the workplace and employee well-being is crucial for recruitment and retention.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Real-time collaboration and cooperation for scattered, in-the-field employees 
  • Remote maintenance and support for plant and equipment 
  • Remote technical problem-solving to keep critical infrastructure online
  • AR-driven guidance and training for employees delivered in the field
  • Secure data handling to ensure cyber security and data protection best practice

Field empowerment: Energizing teams through technical support and performance oversight.

  • รีวิว 85,216 รายการ

  • รีวิว 3,223 รายการ

  • รีวิว 2,504 รายการ

  • รีวิว 11,310 รายการ

Real-time collaboration

TeamViewer makes it possible to connect to any device at any time and securely share reports, data logs, and other information. For energy professionals usually based at a corporate headquarters, this makes remote working a viable possibility. More widely, it ensures that issues can be reported without delay, and expertise from various locations can be brought together and leveraged to address issues as and when they arise.

Ensuring a sustainable and secure workplace

AR solutions can revolutionize field operations, fostering a culture of safety and well-being, reducing the risk of injuries, and ensuring compliance with HSE(Q) standards (management & employee level). This safeguards the workforce and contributes to sustainable and responsible practices in the energy sector, specifically the upstream side of the business (exploration operations, drilling operations, and production operations). TeamViewer’s AI capabilities can extend frontline workers' hazard identification, further helping them avoid missed risks in manual work at their different facilities — including safety sign detection and wearables alongside hardhats. HSE(Q) is at the forefront of our solutions to alleviate maintenance, inspection, and general field operations stressors.

Remote maintenance and support

TeamViewer allows you to access any device, system, server, or connected equipment, from anywhere. This includes comprehensive remote control functionality. Technical teams can access even your most isolated substations or pipelines, take control remotely, and conduct maintenance tasks and updates without needing physical intervention and expensive callouts.

Remote technical problem-solving

AR-powered, ‘see-what-I-see’ technology provides an instant visual link between employees in the field and remotely based engineers. Authorized off-site employees can also use TeamViewer to gain direct access to any endpoint or system — even unaccompanied, powered-down, or headless equipment. Problems can be diagnosed and resolved as rapidly and efficiently as possible, reducing the need for dedicated technical support to be deployed at individual locations.

Smart guidance and training

As incumbent businesses diversify through renewables, the desirability of reskilling and redeploying existing and new employees at different sites increases. Of particular value for redeployments and upskilling, TeamViewer can deliver AR-driven guided assistance for on-the-job instruction and ad-hoc troubleshooting. For onboarding and training new employees from different demographics, TeamViewer’s AR ‘live caption’ feature can help to overcome potential challenges due to noisy and multilingual environments.

Secure data handling

Critical energy infrastructure remains a prime target for disruption by threat actors, as well as industrial espionage and data theft. TeamViewer adopts a multi-prong approach to ensure your data and communications are secure. This includes the use of AES 256-bit encryption for communication between devices, two-factor authentication (2FA) for users, fully configurable access controls, secure password handling, as well as audit trails, and logging for maximum accountability and transparency.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

TeamViewer transforms the energy and oil industry by enabling real-time remote support, secure collaboration, and operational monitoring, significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing operational downtime.


TeamViewer Remote: helping create the agile — and fully connected — energy companies of the future

Through TeamViewer Tensor, our enterprise-focused connectivity platform, along with TeamViewer Remote, our remote support solution, energy companies are fully equipped to eliminate communication blind spots, facilitate seamless information transfer across the business, and deliver precisely the support that employees need.

TeamViewer Remote

Bringing internal expertise together on demand

With TeamViewer Remote, all team members can instantly access workstations, files, and applications in just a few clicks. Collaborative problem-solving is made easy — regardless of geographical boundaries.

TeamViewer Remote

Remote monitoring of key infrastructure and equipment

Full remote access and remote control capabilities allow you to monitor turbines, pipelines, substations, and all other infrastructure — no matter how remote. This facilitates real-time monitoring, proactively identifying problems, reducing downtime, and maximizing efficiency. In the power generation, and transmission and distribution sectors, the capability to connect assets at a distance can increase your ability to react quickly to fluctuations in demand, while also reducing the resources and costs expended on on-site visits.

TeamViewer Tensor

Virtual knowledge transfer

TeamViewer Tensor and its integrated remote support solution, Assist AR, lets remotely-based managers and technical support staff get an accurate view of even the most complex technical problems. This is facilitated through ‘see-what-I-see’ technology used by staff on the ground. Experts can guide on-site personnel through even the most complex procedures, ideal for onboarding and reskilling.

Take your remote support and access to the next level

Enhance your TeamViewer experience, know more about your devices, and proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure. Boost your IT efficiency and centrally manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect your computers, devices, and software — all from a single platform with TeamViewer Remote Management.

TeamViewer Frontline: Unlock the power of AR technology for effective knowledge transfer across the energy transfer


Customer success

Why choose TeamViewer?


To ensure continuity of energy supply, 24/7 connectivity is a must. TeamViewer’s global access network helps to ensure fast and stable connections for all areas of your business, enabling remote access and support powered by fast transfer speeds, high image quality, and lag-free performance.

Ease of integration

TeamViewer enhances your existing tech stack by integrating seamlessly with the software you have in place already, including Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Enterprise Service Management technologies. Cloud and on-premise deployment options are available. 


TeamViewer is updated regularly to address vulnerabilities faced by the energy sector. AES 256-bit Encryption for data in transit, full GDPR compliance, Two-Factor Authentication, and configurable access controls and permissions all match the energy sector's stringent security requirements.