Insider Build is the name for our pre-release versions of TeamViewer (Classic) for Windows. On macOS, the pre-release versions are called Public Beta. On Linux, they are called Preview. The intention is to get early feedback on new features, improvements, and developments before a public release.

Due to this, TeamViewer Insider Builds may not be tested in full functionality and can contain bugs as it is essentially an image of the current development state.

📌Note: It is not recommended to install an Insider Build in a production environment or to be rolled out globally on all devices.

💡Hint: For testing and early access to the new features, it is recommended to install the Insider Build on devices you can reach directly so the device may be reverted in the event of the appearance of bugs.

This article applies to all TeamViewer (Classic) free users and customers with a Business, Premium, Corporate or Tensor plan using Windows, Mac, or Linux.


Install insider builds

TeamViewer (Classic) contains settings within the app that allow TeamViewer (Classic) to receive Insider builds. The location of the setting differs between Operating Systems: 

Windows - Insider Build

  1. Open TeamViewer (Classic)
  2. On the upper right corner, click on the Gear icon (⚙)
  3. On General, check the box Receive insider builds

📌Note: Once you set TeamViewer (Classic) to Receive insider builds, the TeamViewer client will automatically update to the latest pre-release versions of TeamViewer (Classic). Alternatively, you can always check for the latest version under HelpCheck for the new version.


macOS - Public Beta

  1. Open TeamViewer (Classic)
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Click on the Advanced tab,  
  4. On Update, you can switch the Channel feature to Public Beta

📌Note: Once you set the TeamViewer (Classic) channel to Public Beta, you will need to go to HelpCheck for Updates to update to the current Public Beta.


Linux - Preview

  1. Open TeamViewer (Classic)
  2. Click on Extras ➜ Options
  3. On the General tab, you can switch the Update Channel feature to Preview

📌Note: Once you set the TeamViewer (Classic) channel to Preview, the TeamViewer client will require a manual update to the current Linux Preview.


Do I have an insider build?

On a Windows machine, it is easy to verify if an Insider Build is installed:

  • Look for the INSIDER banner that appears over the TeamViewer (Classic) icon in the lower-left corner of your application
  •  Click on HelpAbout TeamViewer and locate the message You are receiving insider builds in the pop-up window.

Providing feedback

To provide your feedback about the Insider Build easily, you can use the in-build Feedback button on top of the TeamViewer application.

How to join the Insider Build Information Channel

If you are actively using and providing feedback regarding Insider Builds, we invite you to subscribe to our Insider Build Information Channel; Our Quality Assurance Team regularly posts updates as well as the Change Logs to our current Insider Builds:

TeamViewer (Classic) Management Console

📌Note: This channel provides information regarding Insider Build versions. To provide feedback, please continue to use the Feedback button within the TeamViewer (Classic) app.

Uninstall insider builds

To revert to the public version of the TeamViewer (Classic) software from an insider build, you first must uninstall the TeamViewer Insider Build.

After uninstalling you can install the latest public TeamViewer (Classic) version, which is available on the TeamViewer (Classic) website.

After installation is complete, ensure the setting Receive insider builds in the TeamViewer General options is unchecked to ensure no future Insider Builds are installed.