Protect your devices wherever they are

Add an extra layer of security and ensure the same level of endpoint security on your remote devices as if they were back at your headquarters — with ThreatDown (powered by Malwarebytes) Endpoint Protection, fully and seamlessly integrated into TeamViewer Remote Management.

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Protect your devices from malware, ransomware, zero-day exploits, and more

Remote or hybrid work gives end users a lot of freedom. At the same time, it increases the surface area for cyberattacks. Using unprotected Wi-Fi networks, working in public and leaving a device unsupervised for only a brief moment – seemingly benign yet risky behavior that makes remote devices and therefore your organization vulnerable.

Extend the same level of security to your remote devices as if they were back at the office and maintain your security posture. Keep your devices and servers well protected with advanced cyber defense – regardless of location.

Powered by ThreatDown and fully integrated into TeamViewer.


ThreatDown Endpoint Protection

Safeguard your organization with signature-based and signatureless malware protection and remediation that utilizes machine-learning and AI. Get precise threat detection and proactive threat blocking built into your TeamViewer Remote Management experience.

  • No performance drops. Keep endpoints operating at full speed with no trade-off between protection and performance thanks to a lightweight agent.
  • Complete threat protection. Protect your devices against viruses, spyware, ransomware, zero-day exploits, Trojans, rootkits, and more.
  • Browse safely. Combat phishing attempts by blocking malicious websites and malicious downloads with built-in web protection.

ThreatDown Endpoint Detection and Response

Benefit from enterprise-grade threat detection and response capabilities. ThreatDown Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) adds several critical elements to further reinforce your threat protection and fortify your IT environment.

  • Stay alert with behavioral monitoring for suspicious activity in your file system events, network connections, and registry.
  • Respond more thoroughly and utilize various modes to isolate devices and keep potential threats from spreading.
  • Never pay for ransomware. Retrieve encrypted, deleted, or modified files on Windows devices for up to 72 hours after the infection.

Combine remote access and endpoint protection for maximum security

Safe remote access

Access devices with no risk of infection. When ThreatDown identifies a threat, you can safely remote in to the device to check settings and status, and to take whatever action is needed to mitigate the risk – all from the same platform. Even if you isolate the device from the network.

Protect workers and devices anywhere

Extend your cybersecurity mesh effortlessly to remote, hybrid, and of course in-office devices and servers. Maintain a strong security posture knowing your devices are fully protected even outside your corporate environment.

Easy to roll-out, easy to use

ThreatDown and TeamViewer teamed up to provide you with a fully integrated experience. Roll out ThreatDown quickly and effortlessly with a click of a button through the TeamViewer Remote client. No manual downloads or additional clients are necessary.

Powerful endpoint protection with ThreatDown and TeamViewer Remote Management

Full endpoint protection suite

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