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TeamViewer remote desktop for Ubuntu and Linux

Enjoy stable remote connections and high transmission quality with TeamViewer remote desktop.

Remote device support as seen in the TeamViewer Remote client

Remote access for Linux or Ubuntu users with TeamViewer

From providing technical support, accessing files and applications, or performing tasks that require a different operating system, TeamViewer Remote is the safe, secure way to connect your Linux system remotely. If you are a Linux or Ubuntu user, you can install and start using TeamViewer Remote in a few simple steps.

No graphical user interface or monitor? No problem, you can also configure our Linux remote desktop software on a headless Linux device, including servers.

Why choose TeamViewer’s remote desktop client for Linux?

  • VPN alternative

    TeamViewer for Linux offers enterprise-class security and scalability without the expense or complexity of a traditional VPN.

  • Stable connections

    Enjoy stable remote connections with Linux and high transmission quality, even in environments with low internet bandwidth.

  • Encrypted access

    All Linux remote access sections are encrypted end-to-end. Only authorized users can see what’s happening during the remote session.

  • In-session automation

    Use pre-defined scripts during your Linux remote connection to automate routine tasks and save time.

Remotely control headless devices

TeamViewer Remote can be used to manage machines without a graphical desktop environment (Xorg, Wayland). Our Linux remote desktop client lets you connect to the foreground console (as indicated by fgconsole) — in other words, the virtual terminal which would be visible if a screen was attached.

Read more about Linux remote access to headless devices here.

Start using TeamViewer Remote for Linux today

TeamViewer Remote is the smart choice for remote access and support for Linux users. Get going now by using our web client to access any device that has TeamViewer installed or download the software for your specific Linux distribution. You can even control headless Linux devices without a graphical interface. TeamViewer Remote offers high-quality connections, end-to-end encryption, and in-session automation.

Don't wait, download the latest version of TeamViewer Remote for Linux or Ubuntu today and enjoy the benefits of remote desktop software.