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TeamViewer remote desktop for Windows

Resolve technical issues on your Windows with TeamViewer's remote desktop solution.

Remote access setup as seen in the TeamViewer Remote client

Secure remote desktop for Windows devices with TeamViewer

In the era of working from home and online collaboration, securing remote access for Windows devices is a concern for many individuals and enterprises. TeamViewer allows users to connect to and control Windows devices using an encrypted connection from anywhere in the world. Whether you need to access your own Windows device, provide remote support to a colleague or client, or collaborate on a project with a team, TeamViewer can help you achieve your goals.

Fast, secure Windows remote access with TeamViewer

  • Remote support

    Deploying TeamViewer for Windows allows a centralized IT support team to solve PC and software issues across multiple sites.

  • Efficient collaboration

    Give online presentations and hold VoIP conferences with high-quality audio and video using Windows remote access.

  • Universal remote access

    TeamViewer’s remote desktop connection for Windows allows you to also connect to non-Microsoft devices and operating systems.

  • Secure data transfers

    With many users accessing networks from home, Windows remote access secures corporate data with end-to-end encryption (256-bit AES).

Access devices running on other operating systems with TeamViewer Remote

Certain Windows remote desktop solutions, such as Microsoft’s remote desktop protocol (RDP) only allow connections between devices running the same operating system.

However, TeamViewer is fully compatible with Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS. So, you can create a Windows remote desktop connection to a device running another operating system, such as Ubuntu, in just a few clicks.

Forget Windows Remote Desktop — do more with TeamViewer

Are you still relying on Windows Remote Desktop to access another Windows PC or device? The functionality of Windows Remote Desktop is restricted to viewing and controlling a remote desktop, but you could be doing so much more.

With Windows Remote Desktop, you need to configure port forwarding and adjust your firewall, which can be complicated and risky. TeamViewer Remote, however, is easy to set up, and doesn’t require any additional configuration.

TeamViewer offers useful features you don’t get with Windows Remote Desktop such as file transfer, chat, voice and video calls, and unattended access. And it can connect you to any device, not just those running Windows.

Enjoy the benefits of TeamViewer Remote for Windows 10 or 11 today

TeamViewer Remote is the award-winning solution for Windows remote access and support. Easily manage any Windows device from any other device or browser using an encrypted connection. Our solution is cross-compatible, so you can access devices running different operating systems, such as Mac, Linux, or Android. TeamViewer Remote offers fast and stable connections, high-quality audio and video, and secure data transfers.

Download the latest version of TeamViewer Remote for Windows now and enjoy the benefits of remote desktop software.