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Work was centralized. Now it’s distributed. Once local, now global. Where work gets done has changed forever. Now it’s time to transform how it’s done.

TeamViewer Tensor

The most agile and secure remote work solution for enterprises

Connected enterprises operating at scale truly understand the benefits of having a diverse, distributed workforce. Empower your global workforce today to ensure they are agile, productive, doing their best work from a central location, remotely or on the move in a secure, scalable manner.

Every modern enterprise understands the benefits of having a diverse and distributed workforce. The main challenge, however, is ensuring that the workforce stays productive, doing their best work – in the traditional workplace, remotely or on the move.

Tensor Remote enables enterprises to empower their employees to do just that and more in a secure, scalable manner.

Enterprise-level functionality for your organization

Remote work enables businesses to tap into a global pool of talent across time zones and geographies. Leveraging remote connectivity to ensure greater flexibility to the growing demands of the workforce is the ideal way forward.


Tensor benefits

  • Unify work experiences
  • Enable secure remote work
  • Deliver support experiences with ease
  • Collaborate effectively and efficiently
  • Boost employee productivity

Remote work for businesses


Remote work for employees

What is Tensor

Leverage the power of remote connectivity to supercharge work. Enterprises and businesses on a growth path understand the importance of having a hybrid way of working and empowering their people to work flexibly in a reliable and secure way.

Secure remote work

Empower your employees to work in-office, remote, or on-the-move – securely.

Hybrid workplace

Ideal for companies that already have a mix of in-place, remote, mobile, and on-site employees.

Global workforce

Companies need to meet the demands of a distributed, diverse workforce across time zones and geographies.

Business-critical systems

Enable non-VPN-based secure access to business-critical systems from remote locations.

Work-life blend

Employees prefer companies that provide flexible work options for better work-life balance.

Multi-device realities

Employees today are issued more than one device and some devices that might need to be accessed or supported remotely.

Remote versus Tensor

Supercharge your remote workforce with TeamViewer Tensor.

Tensor feature spotlights


Industrial-grade security

Today, enterprises rely heavily on remote connectivity to manage a majority of their IT operations. In addition, the rise of the distributed workforce and the adoption of work-from-home policies have led to a significant dependence on remote access and control capabilities. As a result, security is much more important now.



TeamViewer Professional Services

Unlock the potential of TeamViewer Tensor today

Leverage our expertise in deploying TeamViewer Tensor across your organization. Enable your IT departments to deliver industry-leading support experiences today!

  • Best practices review
  • Admin training
  • License setup
  • User provisioning


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