TeamViewer & AppTec360

Streamline device management with TeamViewer for AppTec360

Many organizations have made significant investments in digital transformation initiatives and the technologies they need to innovate their operations and build more resilient supply chains.

Oftentimes the actual frontline workers, those that are on the shop floor, in the warehouse, out in the field, are often overlooked when it comes to technology investments.

Together, TeamViewer and SAP are building solutions that enable you to digitalize your value chain with data flows and process optimizations across the entire supply chain to deliver a more connected and skilled workforce.

Our solutions span from remote support to managed enterprise connectivity and IoT, to industrial augmented reality, enabling companies to build more intelligent supply chains and service operations.

TeamViewer & AppTec360 integration highlights

  • Provide remote assistance for managed devices including Windows 10 PCs, MacOS, iOS, and Android
  • Get information about CPU and RAM usage, battery health, storage, and more
  • Information workers allow remote sessions with a simple click
  • IT professionals connect from the AppTec360 Console
  • Transfer files to the device or receive files from the device
  • Push settings like Microsoft Exchange accounts to the device, or maintain WiFi settings
  • View installed apps and running processes
  • All connections are fully encrypted

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