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How Customers Benefit from TeamViewer Integrations

Join this on-demand webinar to discover how TeamViewer customers already benefit from our secure, out-of-the-box integrations — and how you can too.

All you need to know

Title: How Customers Benefit from TeamViewer Integrations – And How You Can Too
Duration: 45 minutes
Availability: On-Demand

Do you also depend on a mix of ITSM, CRM, UEM, RMM, and OT systems and technologies for your business continuity and daily operations? Does managing all these make it hard to offer a consistent support experience for your customers and employees?

We show you how to lower the complexity in your IT operations with the help of our integrations suite.

Join this webinar to learn how other TeamViewer customers are already benefitting from integrations to proactively simplify processes, optimize operations, and provide more secure, faster support across platforms and devices.

What you will learn in this webinar

  • Speed up your ticket resolution and get real-time efficiency reporting within CRM /ServiceDesk platforms.
  • Enable new support agents to work with confidence faster, reducing training costs.
  • Integrate systems to create end-to-end automated processes and map all managed devices in the background.
  • Use granular access policies, such as conditional access, to control access to business sensitive applications.

Meet the speaker

Maximilian Paetsch

Account Executive Enterprise at TeamViewer

On an everyday basis, Maximilian supports enterprises in optimizing and automating their processes. With his extensive experience as an account manager in the logistics, automotive, manufacturing, IT, and telecommunications industries, he is ready to show you exactly how TeamViewer customers benefit from using one or more integrations to boost their processes.

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