The story at a glance

  • Samsung SDS is one of the fastest-growing logistics service providers in Europe.
  • From its Global Parts Center Europe (GPCE) in Breda, the Netherlands, Samsung SDS runs the spare parts operations for its client Samsung Electronics.
  • Vision picking was implemented, with TeamViewer Frontline running on smart glasses.
  • The company achieved benefits including an up to 30% increase in picking speed, better workplace ergonomics and lower error rates.


Samsung SDS is one of the fastest growing logistics service providers in Europe. From its facility in Breda, the Netherlands, the company runs the spare part operation throughout Europe for their client Samsung. The company was looking at ways to digitally enhance and improve its logistics processes to serve its client even better.

Samsung SDS decided to implement a state-of-the-art vision picking solution and relies on TeamViewer’s augmented reality platform Frontline to increase efficiency and accuracy.


The logistics industry faces several challenges, including increased demand and pressure on global supply chains and digital transformation. The focus is on efficiency to reduce wait time for goods as much as possible and reduce errors, so clients get what they want first time.

The order picking process, a crucial part of the supply chain, was among those processes that Samsung SDS’ logistics team wanted to improve. Formerly based on somewhat bulky handheld radio frequency (RF) scanner guns, it meant that teams often only had one hand available for picking. Given the need for more efficient processes, Samsung SDS wanted a solution that would allow its frontline workers to be hands free and able to fully focus on picking goods. The logistics team in Breda evaluated hardware and software options to increase productivity and accuracy.

Most importantly they worked with the pickers to ensure they were comfortable using the new solution and it supported them in their tasks. An augmented reality vision picking solution combining smart glasses and intuitive software was identified as the best technology to fulfill those requirements

Rumo van Oosten Logistics Engineer at Samsung SDS, Breda, NL

“We had a challenging timeframe to implement the new solution but because of the collaboration between TeamViewer and ourselves we were able to deliver in under four weeks.”


Paul Berendsen, Manager Operations at Samsung SDS, says: “On evaluation of vision picking solutions in the market it was clear that TeamViewer not only had the solution that would work best for the company and its workers, but it was also proven in many companies similar to ours.”

TeamViewer’s augmented reality (AR) platform Frontline was rolled-out in the GPCE warehouse in less than four weeks. It guides the warehouse workers through the picking process with clear step-by-step instructions, displayed on smart glasses directly in their field of view. Together with integrated voice control, the solution provides all necessary information to the workers while keeping them 100 percent hands-free for picking tasks. Furthermore, Frontline is seamlessly integrated with the warehouse database to enable real-time data access and updates.

Paul Berendsen adds: “Onboarding staff is simpler because the solution is easy to use and easy to understand, it’s very intuitive. Our pickers can work hands-free because we have a ring scanner that we can pair with the glasses. It makes sure that we can do scanning, picking and packing all at the same time.”

Paul Berendsen Manager Operation at Samsung SDS, Breda, NL

“When looking for a new partner we always want to work with companies with the same ambition and culture as our own and this is what we found in TeamViewer.”


When building the use case for a new vision picking solution, Samsung SDS expected an increase of up to 20 percent in picking efficiency. “But now TeamViewer is in place we are actually experiencing an increase of between 25 and 30 percent on a single pick. Although we are doing less confirmation scans, we still see significantly less errors due to use of Frontline”, says Rumo van Oosten, Logistics Engineer at Samsung SDS.

TeamViewer Frontline not only takes picking efficiency and accuracy at Samsung SDS to a whole new level, but it also increases employee satisfaction due to improvements in workplace ergonomics.

Ultimately, with the use of TeamViewer, Samsung SDS can serve its major customer Samsung Electronics even faster and more reliably than before. Paul Berendsen: “Currently, we’re checking how we can apply vision picking for other processes in the warehouse. We’re also looking to implement the solution in other European warehouses based on the success story we have had in this facility.”

The results speak for themselves

  • Increase in picking speed of up to 30 percent
  • Improved workplace ergonomics for higher employee satisfaction
  • Higher picking accuracy for better customer satisfaction
  • 100% hands-free order picking
  • Seamless integration with the IT landscape for real-time data access and updates
  • Complete roll-out of TeamViewer Frontline in less than 4 weeks

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