Remote maintenance software from TeamViewer

Control your computer or smartphone remotely with TeamViewer’s remote connectivity software. Manage devices, programs, and files as if you were physically there.

Remote maintenance software enables individuals and businesses to access computers remotely. This technology has its roots in IT and server administration and is a useful tool for experts who need to access computers at different locations. Remote desktop program is another name for this type of access.

The software works by converting desktop signals into video signals that can be seen on another computer. The remote maintenance tool transmits control commands via mouse or keyboard back to the actual PC. This allows for almost the same level of functionality as if the user had local access.

There are different ways to control a PC remotely and whether the software is free will depend on the intended use. For private use, the popular TeamViewer remote maintenance tool is free of charge.

In addition to remote access, a remote desktop program can offer a range of other useful functions:

  • Remote maintenance tools offer screen capture through screenshots or screen sharing
  • File transfer can be done easily on the remote desktop, making file sharing simple and quick
  • Inviting guests to remotely control devices is easy with the remote maintenance program, even when multiple people are involved
  • Remote software is ideal for demonstrating solutions to problems in e-learning, allowing teachers to remotely control their PC and show students how to proceed.
  • Remote desktop makes it possible to operate computers without a screen, enabling remote PC maintenance on machines
  • Remote access to PCs is not limited to Windows, Mac, or Linux, but even the Raspberry Pi can be managed using remote PC maintenance

TeamViewer is a user-friendly all-in-one solution that is very easy to download and use. The remote maintenance software is compatible with all operating systems and a wide range of end devices. Simply access your PC, smartphone, printer or server remotely as if you were on site.

There are just three steps to follow for remote PC maintenance:

  • Install the software on the device you are working from.

  • Also install the software on the device you want to access. 

  • Start the tool and enter the ID and password of the person whose device you want to connect to - and control the target PC as if you were sitting in front of it yourself.



TeamViewer is a widely used software that allows remote control of PCs. It is useful not only for private individuals but also for companies of all sizes as remote maintenance software. While private individuals can use the software for free, professional users pay a monthly fee to use it. TeamViewer provides several benefits when it comes to remote access to the PC, including:

  • The software is equally effective for private individuals and companies.

  • The software can be used as an app, enabling remote maintenance from Android or iOS smartphones. It makes access just as easy as via a stationary PC.

  • Secure communication is possible without any issues thanks to asymmetric encryption. Permanent access can be set up quickly with TeamViewer. 

  • The software is designed for GDPR-compliant use and ensures data security through end-to-end encryption.

It's worth noting that remote control software can be used not only to control computers but also to maintain tablets or smartphones. In fact, it is even possible to remotely access smart glasses with this software, which is a very modern approach. To establish the connection, you need to use the internet or mobile network, and an interface is necessary to connect the software to the device. Once all the requirements are met, the remote connectivity software can be used at any time.

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Remote access to PCs, smartphones and other devices

TeamViewer offers remote connectivity software that is suitable for various applications. It enables controlling computers remotely in the corporate sector, as well as in machine maintenance. Remote access is also helpful for home office work.

The areas that benefit from remote access

  • Technicians can access remote computers for maintenance purposes
  • Managers can remotely access their local PCs and monitor their processes
  • IT support can help remotely in case of technical problems or for a new installation
  • Content can be exchanged, or software can be demonstrated in schools or home offices
  • Remote connectivity software makes software demonstrations for customers particularly easy
  • During video conferences, desktop presentations or separate software for illustration purposes can be used
  • Remote access to PCs, smartphones, and other devices is possible with remote software

Possible applications for remote software

TeamViewer has a range of classic applications, but it also enables remote support in the industry. Manufacturing companies not only have computers but also machines that require regular maintenance. However, support from abroad can cost a lot of money and time. In such circumstances, remote access is a more convenient solution. 

Remote connectivity can be used for devices, computers, and industrial plants. Many machines can now be controlled through a remote connection. Remote connectivity software can also be used to read meter readings or quantities on production machines. It is sometimes necessary to adjust the system settings on machines remotely, which is also much more accessible than coordinating an appointment on-site. 

Remote connectivity makes work easier for internal or external IT. It is not always necessary to see the local PC. Instead, experts can analyze and understand existing problems remotely. This leads to faster problem-solving for IT and greater customer satisfaction in general. After all, in many cases, it is not necessary to view the hardware on-site. Permanent access, such as with TeamViewer, is often sufficient.