Deyaar Facilities Management is recognized as a leading provider of integrated facilities management solutions for real estate, commercial and retail developments across the UAE. With sustainability as a critical driver, their expertly trained teams, equipped with the latest tech, serves a varied pool of Clients delivering cost-effective solutions of superlative quality.

Asset maintenance is one of the most complex processes, demanding rigorous information flow and quick call-to-action. As equipments become more complex, providing field technicians access to expertise on the go is critical. To make operations and customer support run smoothly for Deyaar FM, it is crucial to implement practices that ensure a constant flow of communication, knowledge sharing and productivity.


In the past while giving support between onsite tech teams and SMEs anywhere in the UAE, the support provided via telephone and meetings often become difficult and time consuming. The company realized that this gap in knowledge can cause delays in the support process and create an unsatisfactory customer experience. Hence they began researching innovative ways for resolving complex on-site technical issues.

Deyaar FM was looking for a solution that could improve the service effectiveness of the company and provide field technicians and customers with timely technical guidance.


Deyaar FM introduced TeamViewer Frontline xAssist, an innovative AR based remote assistance solution which can be used on all common smart glasses. Live video support sessions can be set up instantly, enabling onsite technicians to engage with subject matter experts located in the headquarters and resolve even complex issues together in real-time. Thanks to smart glasses, the remote expert sees exactly what the technician on-site sees. Having their hands free, the technician can immediately follow the subject matter expert’s instructions.

The two can efficiently collaborate by making use of important features such as:

  • Live Pointer – the technician can instantly see what the expert wants to highlight
  • Screen and file sharing – the information transfer can now happen in a matter of seconds
  • Whiteboard – the expert can use drawings to explain every step and the technician has instant access to everything
  • Remote camera control – the expert can remotely manage the technician’s smart glass camera in order to create a more seamless collaboration even in difficult environments

Having the possibility to easily invite a third party to the call makes for an even greater experience as sometimes device manufacturers are needed to clarify certain instructions. With the right knowledge at the technician’s fingertips, even very complex issues are completed quickly without flaws.


TeamViewer Frontline has provided technical expertise onsite with vastly improved communication methods. Technical requests can be fixed immediately in a live-support session without the need for the subject matter expert traveling to the site, allowing the company to also become more sustainable.

Today, TeamViewer’s AR based solution is a major contributor to the success of Deyaar FM for significantly increased service effectiveness and faster turnaround times, translating into highly reduced travel costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Mohamad Abou Laban CEO at Deyaar FM

“With AR, we can provide real-time support to our customers no matter where they are. Since we don’t drive as much, it means less fuel, less pollution, and a lower carbon footprint for the company, which makes us more sustainable.”