2019. aug. 20.

TeamViewer’s Augmented Reality solution - TeamViewer Pilot now with text integration

Goppingen, August 20, 2019 – TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, today announced the latest update to its augmented reality solution TeamViewer Pilot. Thanks to the text integration feature users can now incorporate additional text into their remote support sessions. This freehand drawing feature comes in handy in situations where the vocal communication simply does not suffice, for example in a noisy outdoor situation. In addition to arrows that can be used to mark objects, users now have a further element available for communication.

Here is an overview of the current and previous features of TeamViewer Pilot, according to their release versions:

Version 1.2 of TeamViewer Pilot contains the following improvements:
– Text integration: In addition to arrows or freehand drawings, subject matter experts can insert texts to markers in their Pilot sessions.

Version 1.1 of TeamViewer Pilot contains the following improvements:
– Improved usability and integrated tutorials for operation, including placing and removing arrows.
– Freehand drawings possible for app and PC client users
– Improve video streaming performance, especially in low-bandwidth scenarios.
– Simplified, user-based licensing options that can be purchased and used in parallel with existing TeamViewer subscriptions.

Version 1.0 of TeamViewer Pilot contains the following features:
– Smartphone users can use the TeamViewer Pilot app to establish a voice and image connection to a PC, irrespective of its locations, via real-time video streaming.
– The PC client user receives the stream from the user’s local smartphone camera.
– Both connection parties can mark special details on the screen with arrows.