In the automotive supplier industry, continuous improvements to products, materials, and processes are key to business success. SaarGummi Neo GmbH, a subsidiary and the innovation platform of the SaarGummi Group, uses TeamViewer Assist AR for its global offices, fueling the group’s digitalization efforts toward Industry 4.0.


  • Shortening production times
  • Implementing improved processes and new materials
  • Developing custom-tailored solutions


In a major step in digital communications, SaarGummi Neo developed a proprietary software solution for remote support in 2017. It facilitates the exchange of information between the plants, company headquarters, and the innovation team, making it faster, more efficient, and less expensive.

After initial positive results from the technology, the deployment and rollout of TeamViewer Assist AR followed in 2020, starting a new chapter at SaarGummi Neo. Since then, the augmented reality-based remote support solution by TeamViewer has set new standards when it comes to rolling out innovations in the plants.

“In the past, implementing a new innovation meant that our experts and the responsible technicians always had to travel to our plants to provide local support,” says Sven Müller, Managing Director at SaarGummi Neo. “This wasn’t very efficient, because it tied down a significant amount of our innovation experts’ time and also incurred high costs.”

Sven Müller Managing Director at SaarGummi Neo GmbH

“Augmented reality is an important component of our digitalization strategy. We use TeamViewer Assist AR to keep our processes at the state of the art and ensure our capacity to innovate in the face of growing market demands.”