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Remote security at scale: How to keep intruders out of your systems

Watch this on-demand webinar on one of TeamViewer Tensor’s enterprise-grade security features, Conditional Access.

Everything you need to know

Title: Remote security at scale: How to keep intruders out of your systems
Duration: 30 minutes
Availability: On-demand

Remote connectivity is essential today, but it also comes with its own set of cost worthy risks. Increased cyberthreats and unauthorized access to business-critical infrastructure challenge the safety of large connected and distributed workforces.

With TeamViewer Tensor’s security feature Conditional Access, you can protect your business and stay in full control – even at scale. In this webinar, you will learn how to prevent unauthorized remote access to critical assets and enforce your security policies companywide.

Our experts will walk you through one of TeamViewer Tensor’s top security features, covering topics including:

  • What Conditional Access can do for you
  • How it works in practice
  • How it can be customized to suit your needs

In this webinar you will learn:

  • All about one of TeamViewer Tensor’s top security features: what it can do for you, how it works, and how it can be customized to your needs
  • Granular control: Prevent unauthorized remote access to company assets and enforce your company’s security policies
  • Right person at the right time: How to make sure the right person gets access to the right assets within a set period of time
  • Dedicated router: How having a dedicated Conditional Access router can take you to the next level of access control

About the speakers

Lassi Landström

Enterprise Account Manager at TeamViewer

Lassi Landström is an experienced Account Manager specializing in enterprise organizations. With a focus on remote connectivity and digitalization solutions, he stays up to date on the latest trends in digitalization, Industry 4.0, augmented reality support, and data protection. Backed by over 10 years of experience, Lassi takes a customer-centric approach to delivering tailored solutions.

Silas Seyfang

Enterprise Solutions Engineer at TeamViewer

With a background in technical support, consulting, and customer service, Silas Seyfang delivers innovative solutions to enterprise clients. He holds a master’s degree in management studies and a bachelor’s in business administration. With over five years of experience, Silas has helped numerous customers to successfully integrate and deploy our TeamViewer solutions across all areas of their business.

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