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Boost your operational efficiency with smart vision picking technology

Vision picking

A more effective way to guide, connect, and train employees

  • 1

    Real time order send-out via seamless integration with WMS or ERP.

  • 2

    Visual display of actionable data for an easy picking process.

  • 3

    Integrated verification via voice, scan, or RFID to reduce error rates to almost zero.

  • 4

    More orders fulfilled in less time with fewer errors.

Backend integrations

Robust integrations to streamline warehousing operations

Which orders are pending? What is the next pick? And where are the items located? Your picking solution must display all this information in the right order throughout the picking process. To ensure this is the case, the solution must be linked to the backend system where the data is stored.

With our vision picking solution xPick, a connection to your ERP or warehouse management systems like SAP, Manhattan, JDA, or others is simple. We make integration a breeze with our extensive integration capabilities and pre-configured interfaces. Deep integrations allow for quick scalability to multiple sites.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Build intelligent supply chains, together

By integrating TeamViewer Frontline with SAP Extended Warehouse Management, you can streamline your value chain by leveraging data flows, resulting in holistic process optimizations throughout the entire supply chain. Digitalize your operations and promote a more interconnected and proficient workforce.

Frontline Command Center

All your users, devices, tasks, and data in one place

  • A constant overview of your smart glasses inventory

    The device management view in the Frontline Command Center lets you control and manage your smart glasses from one place. Keep your fleet of devices up to date, maintaining a high level of productivity — and troubleshoot via remote assistance immediately when you need to.

  • Easy set-up and addition of new devices

    With our one-scan setup, it’s easy to add new smart glasses to the inventory. You can start the configuration just by scanning a barcode. The glasses will be ready for use in just a few steps. The same applies to all accessories like scanners.

  • Screencast for quicker employee onboarding

    The monitoring function enables state-of-the-art training for your new employees. All the information displayed to the user via their smart glasses can be accessed in real time from the Frontline Command Center — an excellent way to train your new employees in operating their smart glasses.

Implementing our vision picking solution in your warehouse is easier than you think

KPI dashboard

Boost productivity in your warehouse with real time access to data and insights

The integrated business intelligence solution within our Frontline ecosystem allows pick-by-vision to reach its full potential by transforming big data into smart data. Analyze processes during picking operations, like executed orders, picked items, and exceptions over time, and see the average process composition. Use these insights to identify potential for process optimization, to add value directly to your warehouse operations.

The solid database and an overview of all important KPIs builds the foundation for changes to the technical infrastructure and the item arrangement in the warehouse.


Access and analyze data to create better warehousing processes

  • Identify areas for improvement using process data
  • Analyze individual pick-by-vision process steps in detail
  • Detect disruptive factors in the warehouse early on
  • Analyze individual data points to solve concrete issues


Unlock your team’s potential with built-in gamification features

Leverage the synergy between our easy-to-follow vision picking solution and its gamification feature.

  • Easily adjustable to your warehouse metrics
  • Built with well-known gaming elements
  • Seamlessly integrated playful elements for work feedback
  • Level structure can function as the base for a broader employee engagement program


Combat skill shortages with vision picking and gamification

  • Motivate and incentivize your workforce with solutions that are fun to work with
  • Drive work satisfaction through recognition and instant reward
  • Create a modern warehouse that becomes an attractive workplace with cutting-edge technology
  • Train new employees easily with stand-alone training that doesn't tie up resources
  • Build meaningful relationships and foster an environment of appreciation and growth

Important messages — right in the field of view

Send operators important information in an instant via push notifications.

  • Contactless communication in the warehouse with individual pickers or entire teams
  • Get important information to the right people immediately during operation - without impacting productivity
  • Increase operational flexibility by ensuring “always on” communication channels


Key features of our vision picking solution

As your committed partner for vision-picking, we are by your side every step of the way

  • Project start: workshop

    • Identify stakeholders
    • Define project scope
    • Map picking process
  • Setup and deployment:

    • Hardware provision
    • Infrastructure set-up and testing
    • Key and end-user training
  • Go-live

    • Initial deployment at selected sites
    • Equipment supplied to all operators
  • Usage and scaling

    • Full deployment at all sites
    • Equipment supplied to all operators
    • Ongoing maintenance and support

Project scope

Let our AR experts onboard you in days, scale in weeks

Sit back and let our AR experts guide you through your individual vision picking journey. In an in-depth workshop, combined with a tour through your warehouse, we identify your pain points and the optimization potential. We answer questions like:

  • What does your current process look like?
  • What type of infrastructure are we integrating with?
  • Where do we see improvement potentials?
  • What hardware fits your use case?

Our experts are form one of the most experienced enterprise AR teams in the world

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