The story at a glance

  • ChyronHego, a US-based company, supports news, weather, sports and other live broadcasts with real-time production assets, with more than 250 employees serving customers around the world.
  • TeamViewer Tensor’s groups and role-based access controls have become particularly useful as ChyronHego takes on more, larger, and increasingly complex client projects.
  • TeamViewer Tensor provides ChyronHego with a flexible, reliable and secure solution for access to the remote infrastructure of its employees and clients.


ChyronHego is a global leader in live broadcast graphics creation, playout, and real time data visualization for live television, news, weather, and sports production. Founded in 1966 as Chyron, the company played a pioneering role in developing broadcast titling and graphics systems. Today, the Melville, New York-based company employs 250+ people and offers production professionals the industry’s most comprehensive software portfolio for designing, sharing, and playing live graphics with ease.


ChyronHego provides graphics and live production support for news stations, sports leagues, and other broadcast organizations. These live broadcasts require an extremely high level of reliability to ensure that teams can gain remote access to control these production assets in real time. If access is delayed, it is clearly visible to viewers and can severely impact the content displayed and, therefore, the reputation of ChyronHego’s clients.

As a software company, ChyronHego’s developers also need the ability to gain fast and secure access to clients’ desktops, servers, virtual machines and more. The same is true for internal IT teams who need to troubleshoot issues across the network and systems used by employees such as laptops, desktops and high-end workstations. Both challenges require a solution that enables troubleshooting across devices, form factors and operating systems distributed across time zones and geographies.

While ChyronHego had been using the TeamViewer Remote for over a decade, the company’s growth led it to consider a solution that could meet its growing need to scale and manage and secure its ever-growing IT ecosystem from a single dashboard.

Jose Torres IT Manager at ChyronHego

“Given our reliance on TeamViewer and how it’s used across the company globally, it’s definitely one of our main solutions to solve IT issues in real time in a safe and secure manner.”


With TeamViewer Tensor, ChyronHego has found a remote connectivity platform that is secure, scalable and reliable. TeamViewer Tensor enables ChyronHego’s engineers and IT managers with secure remote access and control and support of distributed infrastructure that belongs to both ChyronHego and its customers so they can troubleshoot issues in real time from across the world. This fast and secure access enables ChyronHego to review and dispatch work orders from anywhere and at any time, reducing time to resolution and maintaining agility and responsiveness to customer needs.

“In our experience for IT, TeamViewer is always a breeze,” said Jose Torres, IT Manager at ChyronHego. “It’s often a shortcut for us instead of jumping on a VPN tunnel. We’re busy, in meetings, and in and out of applications, so it helps to quickly access a server, fix something, and jump out without having to worry about security.”

TeamViewer Tensor also provides the multi-tenancy capabilities that ChyronHego was looking for to support its growth. Tensor enables users to support multiple clients from a single dashboard interface, with key information compartmentalized and organized according to the client or project. Tensor administrators can also manage permissions for specific groups and roles to ensure that users only have access to the necessary information and assets.

TeamViewer Tensor is also used as a backup for ChyronHego’s internal solution for managing chyrons, graphics, and other live production assets. This is critical in helping ChyronHego ensure consistency in their offerings and maintain the standards expected in live coverage.

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