Laptop problems being inspected with TeamViewer Assist AR

Solve IT problems with AR-powered remote assistance

TeamViewer Assist AR is a proven ‘see-what-I-see’ solution that moves TeamViewer beyond screen sharing. See what your on-site employees see to fix problems faster and cut travel costs.

TeamViewer Assist AR

Easy-to-use remote AR support

Fix everyday problems remotely: TeamViewer Assist AR lets you identify and solve problems in the real world — from anywhere. Experts and on-site workers can easily communicate through real-time video calls, 3D annotations, markers, chat, and much more.

Fix hardware issues and IT problems with our Assist AR add-on

It’s TeamViewer for the real world. Give and get support via a video call and through augmented reality. Use Assist AR to:

  • Fix problems with your PC, equipment, machinery, or any tech via a simple video connection
  • Extend the power of TeamViewer by moving from on-device to real world support
  • Cut costs, help employees or even friends faster

By avoiding the need for travel and leveraging AR powered remote assistance, you can speed up any maintenance and support process.

Onboarding and set up of your workforce

AR remote assistance transforms the process of physical set-up and online access by enabling remote experts to guide employees through each step. Help them through cable connections, hardware set-up, and ensure all components are securely installed.

Connectivity and peripheral issues

AR remote assistance empowers IT teams to resolve connectivity issues and peripheral set-up challenges through live video collaboration. Solve network connection problems, configure routers or switches, and troubleshoot problems with printers, scanners, or other peripherals.

Delivery and unboxing

AR remote assistance revolutionizes the delivery and unboxing process by providing remote experts with a visual presence. They can virtually guide personnel on-site to safely unpack and set up new devices or equipment. Experts can provide real-time instructions, ensuring that the unboxing process is carried out correctly and efficiently. This eliminates the need for additional personnel at each location and simplifies the logistics of equipment deployment.

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Get started in four easy steps

With TeamViewer, you can provide AR support directly from your computer or mobile device. Download TeamViewer now or access the TeamViewer web client.

  • Open the TeamViewer Remote desktop or web client, click on the Create a session tab under Remote Support, and select Assist AR in the drop-down menu.

  • Share the session link via SMS or copy the link to your clipboard and share it via email, WhatsApp, or other messaging platforms. Save the session.

  • On the mobile device, click on the session link, install the free Assist AR app for iOS or Android, and open the app. 

  • Start a session on the desktop or web client and accept the call on the mobile device.

Get started with real-time, remote expert guidance

Let our experts show you exactly how TeamViewer Assist AR works and consult you on what set-up would be most beneficial to your company.

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