Oct 23, 2018

TeamViewer Releases TeamViewer 14 Preview: Accelerated Performance and Pioneering Augmented Reality

Tampa Bay, October 23, 2018– TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, today released TeamViewer 14 Preview. Alongside substantial feature updates and performance improvements the new flagship product once again redefines the remote support market by giving users access to pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities with TeamViewer Pilot. TeamViewer 14 Final will be released on November 13.

“Many new features and performance improvements above and under the hood of TeamViewer 14 underscore our role as global industry frontrunner,” says Oliver Steil, Chief Executive Officer at TeamViewer. “The new version offers a compelling combination of breakthrough AR, accelerated performance, and boosted productivity. With TeamViewer Pilot, we expand beyond IT support providing remote assistance for work and training in any use case scenario and industry.”

Breakthrough Augmented Reality with TeamViewer Pilot

TeamViewer 14 gives access to TeamViewer’s new AR solution, TeamViewer Pilot, which elevates the nascent technology from experimental environments to effective mass market adoption. It offers productive AR experiences for anyone needing assistance for any kind of equipment, machinery, or infrastructure problem. The innovative solution enables users to see through the eyes of others via remote camera sharing and guide them interactively through complex processes, environments and operations with AR annotations. By highlighting objects in the real world, users can assist on-site staff, customers, friends or family step-by-step through remote troubleshooting, problem resolution, product setup, etc.

TeamViewer Pilot is available as standalone. In an extended trial period, all existing and new subscribers are invited to see the game-changing AR experience with their own eyes. For more information about TeamViewer Pilot, please see here.

Accelerated Performance, Faster Routing Connections

TeamViewer 14 introduces substantial performance improvements compared to previous versions. Smart adaptive compression that analyzes connection quality and automatically adjusts compression makes the new version work significantly faster especially in low-bandwidth environments. The new release also leverages newest technologies for hardware acceleration and processing of computational intense tasks. Additionally, to reflect its dynamically growing footprint globally, TeamViewer upgraded its server architecture resulting in faster routing connections and increased stability of TeamViewer’s signature high-performance remote connectivity.

Boosted Productivity, Improved Usability and Stronger Security

With customer feedback at the forefront of TeamViewer’s software development, more new features in TeamViewer 14 focus on improving productivity and usability as well as strengthening security. IT administrators now benefit from one-click remote script execution within sessions, which allows for time-saving automation of repetitive maintenance tasks. Custom fields and flexible device grouping in the Computers & Contacts list facilitate advanced inventory handling. Improved trusted device management strengthens users’ control while in TeamViewer 14 Final enforceable macOS session recordings will add to TeamViewer’s leading compliance provisions. A reworked client design with a cleaner look make TeamViewer’s UI even more intuitive for Mac, Linux and Windows users.

Detailed descriptions of these and more new TeamViewer 14 functionalities as well as the software download for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices can be found at www.teamviewer.com/latest-version. As always, for personal use in a non-commercial environment, TeamViewer 14 is free of charge. For commercial and corporate use, TeamViewer offers different licenses tailored to meet the specific needs of small and large companies. More information can be found at www.teamviewer.com/licensing.

About TeamViewer

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