The Healthcare Business Division at Konica Minolta, Inc. has a long history of using remote support, going back to the start of digitalization for medical imaging diagnosis using film. The company now uses TeamViewer after comparing and deliberating on a variety of points regarding the options.

With TeamViewer, the Healthcare Business Division at Konica Minolta, Inc. offers remote support for medical imaging diagnostic equipment both within Japan and abroad. While the company has worked in this field since the era of capturing X-ray images on silver halide film, Konica Minolta has expanded into multiple fields, including ultrasonic imaging equipment and medical IT services.


  • Limiting the increase of field service staff
  • Reducing license costs and increasing convenience
  • Providing year-round support for customers in medical institutions, 24 hours/day 

Expanding business required increased field service engineer staff. However, they had to limit the number of additional employees, while still improving customer satisfaction. Given the changes in modern work formats, they now use TeamViewer to offer early-stage remote support.


Konica Minolta has provided remote support since the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) era. So, when it was time to adopt a new remote access service, they selected TeamViewer for performance and security. They have now expanded their use from remote support to internal business.

As a result, Konica Minolta achieved a few significant milestones in keeping the number of field service engineers unchanged and ensuring availability, which was more reliable compared to on-premises remote servers.

Shunsaku Kazuhisa Konica Minolta, Inc. Healthcare Business Division

“When our customer support learns about an issue, and if we can’t handle the issue over the phone, an expert has to go to the site. Handling requests remotely reduces time until recovery, since it eliminates staff travel times. Our current remote resolution rate is extremely high, and our customer satisfaction is high even in this era when people feel systems should always run smoothly place.”

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