Established in 1984, Specsavers is the largest privately-owned optical group in the world. It remains a family-owned business on a mission to change people’s lives through high-quality, affordable optical and hearing care. Despite selling 510 million contact lenses and more than 22.1 million glasses frames in FY21/22, maintaining a family-style business on an enterprise scale is no easy task.

To maintain its position as a global market leader, Specsavers’ IT desk has turned to digital solutions, such as TeamViewer, to remotely access any corporate, retail, or supply chain computer around the globe to assist in any technical support required.


The global optical industry is currently experiencing some of the biggest challenges it has faced in decades as economic inflation has left consumers looking to cut costs in updating or replacing their glasses or contact lenses, according to a recent Mintel report. Against this backdrop and looking to optimize its business processes as an important prerequisite for sustainable success, the global IT team at Specsavers was looking for a new, highly-secure remote support and remote access platform that could connect its support team to any store, at any time.

  • Ensuring the remote support solution is compliant to the organisation’s security and privacy standards
  • Using remote support that was fast and reliable, so IT issues did not disrupt the employee or end-customer experience in-store
  • Making sure remote support could be used across all ten markets where Specsavers operates and could scale alongside the organisation


Specsavers chose TeamViewer Tensor with conditional access for superior performance, reliability, and an extra layer of security in their remote support operations. In addition to computers, TeamViewer is used for secure remote access to in-store devices such as the patient management system, so opticians and retail assistants can run a seamless store experience.

Using TeamViewer’s augmented reality solution, IT staff can even help when there is an issue with medical equipment at a Specsavers store. Cameras of smart devices are used to transmit on-site conditions to the IT team in the office at another location. By utilizing TeamViewer’s augmented reality technology, precise instructions based on real-time video calls can be provided and first call resolution rate is significantly improved.


Increased staff efficiencies

Stronger security and easier compliance

Success at scale

Neal Silverstein Head of Technology Customer Service at Specsavers

“TeamViewer is an essential tool for our IT support team at Specsavers. Thanks to its remote support functionalities, our team can connect to and service all our stores from a single point.”

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