Customize the notifications on the user remote screen.

Notifications are shown to users when their device is accessed remotely. To avoid that users can be monitored without being notified a logo is shown on the local screen of the edge device.

You can customize the position of the logo.

View of the screen on the edge device with the logo in the top right corner.

What you will need

Make sure that you have prepared the following points:

Positioning the logo

To change the position of the logo modify the global configuration file. Use one of the following values:

1. Access the edge device Access the edge device remotely (Access the Edge Device via Remote Terminal).

2. To modify the global configuration file open the file with nano:

sudo nano /var/lib/teamviewer-iot-agent/global.conf

3. Scroll to the end of the file and add the following lines. Replace TopLeft with one of the values for the logo position.

#change logo position on user screen
[strng] RemoteScreenLogoPosition = "TopLeft"

4. Save the file and exit nano.