As a leading telemedicine service provider, Shanghai Fustech offers Robot as a Service (RaaS) to hospitals through the 5G and AIoT edge cloud-integrated telemedicine system. The company is committed to building a telemedicine ecosystem consisting of manufacturers, hospitals, research institutes, financial institutions, and telecom operators. Thus, it aims to replace more traditional treatment methods with new digital telemedicine solutions.


  • Medical procedures are demanding, and thus require remote-connectivity solutions to be stable, smooth, and offer high-quality images
  • As the network conditions in hospitals vary greatly, remote connectivity solutions need to be adaptive to the 5G network
  • Telemedicine solutions also need to meet the requirements of data security and reliability


Fustech adopts TeamViewer’s remote connectivity solution to provide solutions for remote focused ultrasound surgery to hospitals. Doctors can now perform remote surgery in 5G network environment smoothly, which helps improve efficiency and access to medical treatment.

Guo Li CEO at Shanghai Fustech Co., Ltd.

“Before choosing TeamViewer, we compared four to five remote control software providers by conducting extensive experiments, strict screening, and evaluation tests. We concluded that TeamViewer offers the highest bandwidth efficiency as well as stability.”