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  1. multi-generational-workforce
    Connect and support people

    How remote support can help a multi-generational workforce

    Our Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Turner, examines how remote technology is bridging generational gaps in the modern workforce.

    8 kwi 2024
  2. Connect and support people

    4 challenges defining IT support success

    We explore four key IT support challenges in our era of digital transformation: Security, support effectiveness, scalability, and complexity management.

    3 kwi 2024
  3. Downtime – the enemy of productivity
    Connect and support people

    Downtime: the enemy of productivity

    In this article, we explore the different kinds of downtime, the associated costs, and some effective strategies for making sure its impact on your business is minimal.

    3 kwi 2024
  4. Connect and support people

    Inclusive futures: How technology is shifting from bias to empowerment

    In this article, we’re going to talk about how technology reproduces the biases of our everyday life, before taking a look at how it truly works for everyone.

    2 kwi 2024
  5. blog-juggling-work-and-parenting
    Connect and support people

    Remote work, parenting, and finding balance

    Julia and Sandro, two parents raising children while working, discuss what the flexibility of hybrid work means to them and how to create separation between work and family life.

    1 kwi 2024
  6. metaverse-to-matterverse
    Connect and support people

    From Metaverse to Matterverse: Why the ‘Industrial Metaverse’ is better than its reputation

    In this article, our CPTO Mei Dent discusses the industrial metaverse and how it is already leading to enhanced efficiency in manufacturing and support.

    27 mar 2024

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