Airbus Helicopters Inc. in Dallas, Texas has worked diligently to determine the best way for helicopter assembly and maintenance inspections to be documented. The meticulous documentation, components, and steps are to ensure the safety of both passengers and the public. When maintaining and overhauling gearboxes for Airbus helicopters, workers were challenged with taking pictures, uploading images to a computer and documenting each step.


Airbus needed a way to get work steps, with pictures of parts into the field of vision of the worker hands free. Finding a simpler, streamlined, paperless approach to maintenance inspection of helicopter parts was necessary for improving safety and efficiency. Airbus also needed to have SAP integration, and the ability to take measurements.

Besides, Airbus needed a camera that was high resolution in order to take the documentation of dynamic components, at times numbering 300 parts per gearbox. Finding an application and tool that could do all these tasks in one package was accomplished through introducing Augmented Reality, Wearable Computing in form of Smart Glasses to the inspection process.


Through utilizing the TeamViewer Frontline solution xInspect in conjunction with the RealWear head mounted device HMT-1 workers are now able to improve their work quality and speed. The voice activation provides a simple-to-use solution that doesn’t distract workers from their tasks.

The HMT-1 has the ability for clear documentation, with high resolution, as well as a flexible mounting option for the display. The easy to control voice command photos are then uploaded directly to the computer, eliminating the need for manual upload and paper copies.