Cielo was founded in 1995, by VisaNet International and several other  Brazilian financial institutions. Within 26 years, it experienced impressive growth and went through several changes before reorganizing under the Cielo brand, now consolidated as the largest in Latin America. In Brazil, the company has more than 1.3 million customers, with R$ 190 billion in processed payments in 2020, which represents more than 6,000 credit card or retail debit transactions per second by connecting banks, card brands, commercial establishments, small entrepreneurs, and consumers.

As the only Brazilian company in Forbes’ list of the 100 most innovative companies in 2018, and voted one of the best employer brands in the business and economics magazine’s 2019 ranking, the leading provider of electronic payments segment in Brazil and Latin America, Cielo uses the enterprise cloud-based platform TeamViewer Tensor for centralized remote management, remote access and support for devices, and active machine inventory.


The main challenge was the secure support of more than 4,200 Windows, MacOS, and Android devices. To support the massive volume of daily transactions in a fast, efficient, and secure way, Cielo constantly invests in its technology infrastructure. Recently, the company has deployed the remote connectivity platform TeamViewer Tensor for centralized remote access, support, and control of thousands of connected devices, including Windows desktops and notebooks, plus MacBooks running iOS.


Cielo chose TeamViewer Tensor over other competing solutions because of the broad range of features for the corporate environment, compatibility with the many types of devices used at the company (Windows, MacOS, Android), the flexibility to apply customized policies to the implemented modules — which allow efficient control and protection of all data flow involved in connections, control and auditing of connections — and other features for larger organizations, such as single sign-on (SSO), compatibility with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) IT infrastructure, and silent deployment.

With SSO authentication, Cielo can automatically enforce its security policies by allowing TeamViewer Tensor users to log in with their corporate SSO credentials, preventing unauthorized remote access to Cielo’s machines and enabling the admin to provision and deactivate user accounts. As TeamViewer Tensor also integrates via SAML 2.0 protocol with the Azure Active Directory SSO identity provider, the system is highly secure and traceable, which means that the internal support, and user teams, and Cielo customers do not have to worry about hacking or unauthorized access to the remote sessions.

A team of 50 IT professionals at Cielo support all internal employees — whether in-office or working from home — to maintain a high level of productivity and customer satisfaction.

Dalvan Cruz Rodrigues Supervisor of Digital Area at Cielo Brazil

“TeamViewer technology is completely secure by today’s standards, comparable to https/SS. The system allows us to remotely observe everything that is happening within our corporate devices, preventing the end user from being a gateway for hackers.”

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