The journey of the Embedded user starts from assigning his edge device to the cloud and the assignment process should be as simple as possible.

The assignment of a single device is mostly done for testing purposes or when evaluating the solution. The time spent on the assignment will not have a significant impact. But when dealing with a big project mostly you have a bunch of devices that should be assigned to the account. This procedure will shorten the time spent on the assignment process up to even without touching the device.

The TeamViewer Embedded Cloud offers assignments via token functionality which can be used both for single device assignment and for assigning hundreds or thousands of devices securely.

How it works

For each TeamViewer Account, a unique assignment token is being generated. The assignment token can be used only for the device assignment to the account.

During the assignment process, the device connects to TeamViewer Embedded Cloud and presents its assignment token. The assignment service receives the token and connects the device to the account to which the token belongs.

Starting from that moment the edge device continues to work with the assigned account.

What you will need

Make sure that you have prepared the following points:

  • The edge device is set up with a TeamViewer Embedded Agent.
  • Your login credentials for the edge device (user name, and password).
  • Your TeamViewer credentials.
  • A tool to access the edge device remotely via ssh (e.g. Putty).

Assign the Edge devices to your TeamViewer account

📌Note: Assigning the Edge Device will override existing assignments.

1. To log in to the Embedded Management Console, open and use your TeamViewer account credentials.

2. From the top menu click Assignment token.

3. In the popup click Reveal to see the token.

📌Note: Remember the token (TOKEN).

  1. Log in to the Edge Device and use your credentials by using a ssh-tool.
  2. Assign the Edge Device to your TeamViewer Account. In the terminal type in the following command and press return. Replace TOKEN with the token from the previous step.
sudo teamviewer-iot-agent assign -t TOKEN --accept-license

📌Note: For mass deployment of Edge Devices, this command needs to be configured to run once when the device boots.