TeamViewer Embedded enables you to instantly connect, monitor, and operate machines and devices securely – from anywhere.

Get full visibility into all Embedded devices with real-time status alerts and early insights, so you can react quickly to mitigate risks and proactively solve issues before they impact your business:

  • Combine remote control functionalities with monitoring capabilities
  • Operate endpoints remotely for faster, more economical operations – at the enterprise scale
  • Receive alerts based on monitored Embedded Data, enabling you to react quickly to incidents
  • Enables remote assistance and support to fix devices and machine issues as they occur
  • Accelerate roll-out time for your Embedded solution with out-of-the-box connectivity – no complicated Embedded VPNs


The TeamViewer Embedded Solution comprises the following core components:

  • Your personal edge devices you want to control remotely.
  • The TeamViewer Embedded Agent Software enables remote control of your devices.
  • The TeamViewer Edge Management Software enables additional features on your devices like Rule Management and a Web User Interface.
  • The TeamViewer Embedded Cloud manages your devices and enables the visualization of data of the device and many more (e.g. reading sensor data or commanding motors). It also enables advanced users to automate processes via scripting. You access the cloud via the TeamViewer Embedded Management Console.
  • The TeamViewer Embedded Agent API (MQTT based) enables advanced users to access the device data, e.g. using data for your custom Embedded cloud service or many other cloud services like Amazon Web Services.
  • The TeamViewer Embedded SDKs (for C, Node.js, and Python) enables advanced users to create custom applications within the TeamViewer Embedded Solution, e.g. automation of processes.

Quickly set up secure Remote Operations, Remote Assistance, and Remote Alarming for distributed endpoints with an easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable cloud Embedded solution.

The diagram shows the core components and the basic workflow.

Create new solutions with TeamViewer Embedded

The TeamViewer Embedded Agent API and the TeamViewer Embedded SDKs enable advanced users to use the full potential of creating custom automation and commands to communicate with the devices and cloud services.