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TeamViewer for managed service providers

Profit from faster response times, better use of resources, happier end users — and a competitive edge.

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Managed service providers (MSPs)

Are our services still meeting client expectations — and how can we improve? These are questions managed service providers (MSPs) must ask themselves constantly. And when faced with the growing complexity of client IT infrastructures, challenges of cloud-based systems, cost pressures, and talent shortages, meeting client expectations can be a major challenge.

With TeamViewer’s remote access, remote control, and technical support capabilities at your fingertips, your team is all set to work smarter, get to the heart of problems quicker, and deliver the type of world-class service that will give your business a competitive edge.

TeamViewer supports MSPs with remote IT management, a stronger security stance, and efficient onboarding of technical skills

Ensuring uncompromized infrastructure

Any cloud-based remote access solution could create a gateway into a business. Through accessing a device without prior configuration, ransomware could be sent or a client’s infrastructure could be compromised, threatening the whole business. MSPs are vital in ensuring confidence and security for client devices, and with their reputation and revenue on the line, savvy clients will seek your reassurance.

Building a more agile, efficient, client-focused MSP model with TeamViewer

Many MSP business leaders are currently facing a mix of competing priorities. On the one hand, they’re expected to meet increasingly complex client needs. On the other hand, the pressure is on to do more with less.

MSP’ler ve işletmeler için ödül sahibi destek çözümlerimizle verimliliğinizi azami seviyeye çıkartın

Challenges of MSPs

The volume and variety of data within organizations have also ballooned, often driven by new and emerging initiatives such as IoT and data analytics. Managing data, applications, and services across varied cloud and on-premise locations adds to the complexity — as does the shift towards remote and mobile work.

It’s a lot to manage. Not only do you need to develop expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies. You also have to respond rapidly to an increasing number of service requests. A big ask, if you rely heavily on physical on-site visits.

Meanwhile, high-value clients continue to have high demands when it comes to security, uptime, and availability. 

Clients will expect MSPs to think and act smart to meet their requirements while keeping response and resolution times to a minimum. Premium remote support solutions can help achieve just that.

The likelihood of a successful cyberattack is growing and the potential repercussions of an attack are becoming more significant. According to IBM, the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million — 15% more than in 2020. 

If an end user suspects a breach has occurred, how quickly can you get your eyes on the problem? How quickly can you trigger isolation, backup, recovery, and remediation protocols? Can you do it all remotely?

These clients have high security requirements and expect constant reports through event logs and audits. MSPs also carry out a risk assessments which defines how and through which IP client devices connect, etc. This process takes time as it should be thorough, delaying the working relationship between the client and MSP.

Likewise, in areas such as network and systems engineering, server maintenance, and experienced help desk support, skilled talent is often in short supply — and comes at a premium. 

As an MSP, you need to ensure that workforce shortages don’t put you at risk of breaching your SLAs. Technologies that allow you to onboard employees quickly and retrain or upskill existing employees help you to increase the efficiency of your workforce.

MSPs need to look carefully at existing employment conditions to maximize staff retention. In particular, if you lack the technical capacity to enable remote work — including remote technical troubleshooting — existing employees may be tempted to head elsewhere.

There’s pressure to do more with less, without compromising service levels and client relationships.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Full remote control capabilities: Enabling you to take charge of any device and deliver a fix — from anywhere
  • Unified platform: Ideal for a growing volume of service requests, with the ability to manage all remote sessions through a single interface
  • Unattended access and remote device management: Proactive monitoring and maintenance of endpoints and devices, even when they’re offline
  • Secure remote connections: Ensuring your clients’ security stance is maintained and strengthened
  • AR-guided assistance: For client support, employee onboarding, and upskilling

TeamViewer use cases for MSPs

MSPs are responsible for the security of their client devices and will be accountable for any threats to this. With conditional access capabilities, the client’s infrastructure can remain uncompromised, as any remote access solution such as TeamViewer can be blocked at a firewall level, yet the support will be channeled via a dedicated router. This will prevent any unwanted instances by default with no impact on the MSP’s ability to provide support. The router also has rule-based access configurations, time restrictions, approvals, and RBAC equivalents, which through comprehensive reports from the event logs can be fed back to the customer.

In addition, MSP operations typically involve the management, storage, and exchange of highly sensitive client information — including end-customer data. Clients will need reassurance that this sensitive data is handled with care. TeamViewer delivers the highest security standards, with end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and full GDPR compliance.


With TeamViewer’s remote control capabilities, MSP team members can deliver a solution without needing to be on site. The MSP can configure QuickSupport modules through TeamViewer that will communicate via the dedicated router — offering ad-hoc support without the need for deployment or configuration of all systems. This minimizes operating costs and reduces time-to-resolution. TeamViewer lets you connect to and control any device from anywhere. Connect to end users instantly, access device files and components, provide step-by-step instructions where user input is required, or deliver a fix remotely. 


When managing increasingly complex IT estates for multiple clients, the risks of scaling up operations can increase. TeamViewer offers a single platform where you can access, manage, and support all devices, systems, and platforms reliably, for all of your customers. As your business scales with TeamViewer’s conditional access feature, you can add additional clients, devices, users, and use cases to your service portfolio effortlessly without a complicated firewall configuration.

For new, high-value clients, MSPs can maintain an “offline” infrastructure where all communications are blocked at the firewall and just one IP address for TeamViewer can be allowlisted. The client is protected from any unwanted traffic, while still having access to remote support solutions — encouraging the onboarding of high-value clients due to TeamViewer’s valuable service. This onboarding process will be streamlined, kick-starting the working relationship with the client faster.

TeamViewer’s Wake-on-LAN functionality enables on-demand waking/rebooting of unsupervised devices across your client’s enterprise. This includes unsupervised and scattered devices such as servers, peripherals, point-of-sale units, and industrial equipment. Minimize user disruptions by connecting to their devices and performing remote maintenance and patch deployments outside working hours. 


How should MSPs respond to the recruitment skills gap, especially against a backdrop of increasingly complex client needs? TeamViewer can help provide a valuable boost to your workforce strategy. It allows you to put augmented reality (AR) to work, speeding up staff onboarding and allowing existing employees to get familiar with new processes and technologies faster than ever before. 


Take your remote support and access to the next level

Enhance your TeamViewer experience, know more about your devices, and proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure. Boost your IT efficiency and centrally manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect your computers, devices, and software — all from a single platform with TeamViewer Remote Management.

Harnessing a broad array of functions, TeamViewer amplifies the momentum of major corporations

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  • 11.310 değerlendirme

From response to resolution: Supercharging your service

TeamViewer Remote is a secure, fully cross-compatible solution that gives your team members remote access to any device, from any device — and from anywhere. This is combined with full video support, screen sharing, and dynamic assistance.

With remote access, technicians can get to the heart of problems quicker than ever before. Get an instant view of problems, diagnose, and reconfigure as required, all while providing the user with real-time guidance where needed. The result? Faster resolution and a more client-focused service.

Optimizing productivity and deployment of resources

As an MSP, the key to profitability lies in optimizing the use of your resources for maximum return. This includes ensuring your highly skilled technicians’ time isn’t wasted on needless support calls, or recurring administrative tasks.

Better prioritization is one of the major benefits of TeamViewer Remote for MSPs. When a new service request comes in, an initial responder can connect to the affected device to appraise the severity of the issue remotely in the first instance. This lets them make an informed judgment call on the level of expertise required to fix the problem.

TeamViewer Remote also increases your ability to deliver solutions remotely without the need for onsite visits, resulting in a more efficient use of time and resources.

Enabling a more flexible operating model for your MSP team

By reducing the need for physical intervention, TeamViewer Remote means that new, more flexible working models become feasible, including hybrid or fully remote arrangements for a much wider range of technical staff.

TeamViewer's remote control capabilities allow technicians to fix a much wider range of issues from a distance. The same solution also makes it possible for employees to remotely access internal assets, including centrally-based desktops, servers, files, and business software applications. This added flexibility could increase the size of your recruitment pool.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others

Embrace the vast horizons of large-scale businesses with TeamViewer, catalyzing collaborations across borders, refining sophisticated processes, and heightening the benchmark for client and customer engagement.

Why choose TeamViewer?


MSPs are often targeted by threat actors. One estimate suggests that as many as 39% of all ransomware attacks target this particular sector. With TeamViewer, your clients and business reputation are in the best possible hands. End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, conditional access, SSO, and more help to keep remote access and support sessions, communications, and data safe.


TeamViewer is trusted worldwide by boutique service providers and global enterprises alike.  Whatever your ambitions, TeamViewer adapts and delivers consistently, enabling you to scale up operations, enhance service levels, and exceed client expectations.


In a world of stringent regulations, TeamViewer ensures you're always on the right side of the law, irrespective of your operational scale or region.