MPW Industrial Water Services provides mobile water filtration systems to customers across the United States and Canada. Since its equipment can be thousands of miles away, MPW Industrial Water requires a software solution that enables engineers and managers to remotely login so they can evaluate how the systems are working and ensure that equipment is functioning properly. Many of MPW’s employees in the field at client sites aren’t tech savvy, so MPW sought an application that was not only effective, but simple to use.


  • Need to access, control, and program equipment remotely as well as monitor trends and system performance to prevent equipment downtime
  • Required an easy-to-use program for minimal employee training
  • Needed a strong and secure VPN connection that wouldn’t expose servers to risk


By adopting TeamViewer, MPW Industrial Water Services was able to remotely access and monitor their water filtration systems at client sites hundreds and thousands of miles away. MPW’s employees in the field were quick to learn the program and begin working with it to save, on average, 45 minutes for each employee training session.

Joshua Nye Applications Engineer at MPW Industrial Water Services

“TeamViewer puts you in front of equipment that can be thousands of miles away in the blink of an eye. It’s simple to use and works flawlessly.”