1. 2. 2024

What’s new in TeamViewer: 5 updates you might have missed

  • Connect and support people
  • At TeamViewer, we want to make the world work better. We refine our product so you can work smarter — whatever the industry and whatever the process.

    Last year, we introduced significant changes across our entire product range — new features and integrations designed to improve your experience of TeamViewer and boost your digital transformation.

    Let’s look at some of these key product updates from 2023, and how they can help you find your better.

    Get things done quicker

    Get seamless user experience with our updated look, now with improved usability and navigation features. Start friction-free sessions by simply inputting a one-time session code. Far more secure than sharing personal details, this saves time and reduces the possibility of mistakes. With our universal search bar and quick actions, your contacts, devices, and settings are at your fingertips. The result? Exactly what you need, when you need it.

    Get the full picture

    Stay on top of your mobile-devices fleet 24/7, with our Mobile Device Management add-on powered by Ivanti. With it, you can manage your devices and rollout custom policies with ease. You’ll know that every Mac, Windows, or Android device being used for work meets your security and compliance requirements. With this peace of mind, you can embrace remote working and all the changes that it brings.

    Multitask seamlessly

    Get hassle-free connectivity while multitasking with our device dock feature. Small and discrete, it runs in the background, always available to provide instant access to your saved devices. Remote device management becomes something that can be done smoothly and efficiently — without interrupting your workflow.

    Access your devices, wherever you are

    Now you get remote access across all platforms with our new web version. No need to download our trusted app; all you have to do is open your web browser, log in, and experience the full range of TeamViewer features. Wherever, whenever. Who said remote access had to be complicated?

    Boost your frontline

    Use 3D models to transform your training capabilities with our Siemens Teamcenter integration within our Frontline platform. By using existing Teamcenter data, training can be done with immersive 3D workflows that guide workers as they get to grips with new machines. When we talk about the future of manufacturing, this is what we mean.


    We didn’t stop innovating in 2023, and we don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. We’re committed to constant improvement. We’re going to keep helping you to get the information that you need, when you need it. Improving your frontline work and helping you to connect on the go. And giving you that full picture to stay secure.

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