Remote Control Server: Central Management of All Your Server Requirements

Use remote control to manage your server and oversee your entire company network.

When to Set Up a Remote Control Server

In order to establish a remote connection to a company server, businesses may choose to use a remote access solution like TeamViewer. This allows remote users to gain access to important files, software, and print services from a remote location. A company can choose to host server software themselves with an in-house IT technician or to outsource the hosting to an external company or a managed service provider. The kind of server a company uses is dependent on a number of factors, such as the size of the organisation, the budget, and the available in-house IT skills.

Many businesses and organisations choose to centrally manage remote server control as this offers a better overview of application licensing for multiple users and aids company-wide remote maintenance. TeamViewer offers software for the central coordination and management of remote services, which you can easily install on the computer you wish to use as your remote control server host. In this case, the responsibility for keeping the server host running and maintaining performance remains on the shoulders of the company’s own IT professionals.

Remote Control for Servers: The Basics

There are many methods available for companies to set up an accessible yet secure remoting system for their employees.

If you want to establish remote connections for the business through your operating system, it is generally advisable to coordinate from a server dedicated to remote access, to avoid interference from other server processes.

TeamViewer offers a cross-platform solution, allowing access to client devices running on various operating systems and offering extensive remote control capabilities.

This third party software is cloud-based and therefore equally accessible to all users of the company network – regardless of which operating system they use, such as Mac, Windows or Linux.

man in a server room
TeamViewer management console

Granting remote access to a company server, especially for external IT experts, requires extreme trust, which is why TeamViewer’s security measures are of utmost importance for the remote control of servers.

With watertight security measures that include encryption, multi-factor authentication, and complete account protection, you can rest assured that your server is in safe hands.

Moreover, with the level of access afforded by TeamViewer’s all-in-one solution, administrators can use white- and blacklisting of client IP addresses to ensure only pre-approved users may access the server network, while overseeing all of the updates and maintenance tasks performed across the network.

Benefits of a Remote Control Server

Central point of management

TeamViewer is an easy to use and highly trusted central point of management for all your server-related tasks such as accessing files, software, and print services.

Performance in your hands

Using TeamViewer to remotely control a server, the performance of the machine is in your hands, allowing your most trusted and expert IT professionals to manage and optimise its processes.

Easy monitoring

With a central remote control server or using the TeamViewer management console, you have a complete overview of all the remote connections – giving you the tools to respond to issues instantly.

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