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Ramp up logistics with industrial AR and remote connectivity solutions

There are many challenges faced by the logistics and transportation sector, including global supply chain disruption and bringing new employees up to speed — along with growing expectations to do more, in less time, and with fewer capacities. TeamViewer helps deliver the foundations for an agile, future-proofed logistics business.

Remote connectivity in the warehouse

Revolutionize your logistics journey with TeamViewer’s prowess

Guaranteed speed and accuracy — for operations, supply chains, and support teams

  • Tight fulfillment schedules

    Left unresolved for too long, minor errors by pick and pack team members can translate directly into missed dispatch deadlines and ultimately, breaches of service level agreements. To stay on top of ever-tighter deadlines, TeamViewer helps frontline employees to resolve exceptions and issues in real time and increases the efficiency of manual processes.

  • Supporting employee training and retainment

    In a tight labor market across the logistics sector, it is vital to retain talent. If employees have to grapple with hard-to-use handhelds and complex workflows, it increases the time to reach optimum productivity level, and may also increase the risk of high employee turnover. TeamViewer Frontline transforms static onboarding or lengthy employee shadowing into visual training with AR solutions.

  • Tackling rising competition

    A resilient logistics company will always look for ways to deliver value-added services, especially to out-rank their competitors. One example involves augmenting core warehousing and transport services by diversifying into pre-assembly or kitting. Out-of-the-box software components are included in TeamViewer Frontline’s vision picking solution resulting in a competitive edge.

  • Manage customers’ rising expectations

    The continued rise of e-commerce and an increase in subscription services for physical products — these trends have contributed to the rise in customer expectations. TeamViewer Frontline continuously exchanges data with your warehouse management system, allowing real-time order changes and cancellations. For you, that means no time wasted and high customer satisfaction.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Boost productivity and meet fulfillment schedules 
  • Gain real-time insight on warehouse operation to drive process optimization
  • Accelerate employee onboarding and knowledge transfer 
  • Resolve technical problems and staff queries in real time — from anywhere
  • Enable 24/7 remote and hybrid working models

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Overcoming the challenges for logistics businesses

Achieving tighter fulfillment schedules

TeamViewer’s vision picking solution is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement game changer that improves productivity with hands-free operation. By improving overall error rates and reducing idle time stringent delivery deadlines can be easily achieved.

With the visual information shown on smart glasses and other wearables, and intuitive control via voice, you create a 21st-century hands-free workplace for your operators with TeamViewer xPick. Picking becomes more ergonomic and less error-prone, as demonstrated by high user acceptance across the field.

Supporting scaled-up operations

The rise of buy-return-repeat behavior has contributed to a growth in order volume for many logistics businesses. But how can you continually support your on-site technicians as you grow?

TeamViewer Frontline’s comprehensive solution set offers more than just the right tools for your core warehouse activities. We support your on-site technicians with digital solutions that translate analogue instructions into interactive digital guidance — with documentation functionality directly integrated. If help from an external expert is needed, you can simply switch to Frontline’s remote assistance solution and get help whenever and wherever needed with no waiting time and no interrupted productivity.

Enabling value-added service offerings

Success requires being able to deliver a consistent, error-proof service in line with your commercial customer’s standards. Frontline’s vision picking solution xPick  includes value-added services for production and manufacturing support. They further streamline operations and guarantee an optimized warehouse experience and performance giving your logistics operations a cutting edge.

Faster training and employee satisfaction

Although it is important for a seamless onboarding system to bring new recruits up to speed as quickly as possible, it is also necessary to ensure employees are supported and satisfied.

TeamViewer Frontline allows new employees to work with state-of-the-art tech and even to train on smart glasses and wearables. Your workforce can develop knowledge of classic warehouse operations like order picking, as well as more granular activities such as pre-assembly (value-added services), or learning about complex warehouse equipment. In addition to digital guidance on the job, experienced colleagues are always just one call away through this solution. This translates into full support for new staff and lower resource investment for the company.

In addition, gamification features in Frontline’s vision picking solution elevate the experience even further, making your warehouse a fun place to work and leading to improved motivation and staff retention.

Ensuring secure operations

Distributed facilities and fleets mean a potentially large cyber attack surface. Communications and data transfer between parties across the supply chain can mean the exposure of sensitive commercial and personal information: a tempting target for threat actors. 

TeamViewer’s features such as enterprise-grade encryption and strong authentication are essential to prevent your remote access technology from weakening your security stance.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

Enhanced efficiency for logistics managers, optimized use of transit times, and effortless tracking for customers — these are just some of the benefits of TeamViewer’s solutions in the logistics sector.

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

TeamViewer Frontline for logistics: Hands-free AR for supercharged productivity, maximum efficiency, and rapid training

Optimizing manual logistics processes for higher productivity

Thanks to TeamViewer Frontline, manual processes are no longer the weak point in your drive for greater logistics efficiency. Our innovative make-by-vision solution provides frontline employees with step-by-step instructions directly to their smart glasses or mobile devices. Streamline pre-assembly and quality assurance processes that are vital in the logistics industry. Gone are the days of analogue processes and paper instructions, these are replaced with voice commands, sensors, and image recognition for faster task familiarization.

AR-driven support for scattered employees

Thanks to TeamViewer, your frontline or on-the-road employees can access instant expertise directly from their smart glasses or mobile devices. xAssist is the smart solution to bring employees up to speed with a see-what-I-see methodology, avoiding costly operational downtime.

Making onboarding easy

Our flexible industrial augmented reality (AR) solution will streamline your onboarding processes. TeamViewer’s vision picking solution xPick allows your team to visualize logistics practices on devices or mobile devices increasing efficiency and accuracy. The solution considers different languages and qualification levels for its vision picking training, ensuring a smooth adoption process for all employees. With its minimal training requirement, it is ideal for swift deployment and business scalability.

TeamViewer for logistics: Real-time support, access for people, and process across your value chain

Enable remote working

With TeamViewer, your centralized machines and platforms are just a few clicks away — wherever you happen to be. Access hardware (including unattended devices), software and files 24/7 from any device and location. With built-in Wake-on-LAN support, machines can be powered down, safe in the knowledge they can be reactivated when needed by remotely-based employees.

Safe communications and access controls

Enable employees to access key applications, endpoints, and sensitive files remotely without compromising on security. Maintain privacy and protection with industry-leading end-to-end encryption and fine-grained control over who sees what. Apply the exact same level of security to remote work as you do to on-site operations.

Remote, cost-effective monitoring of key infrastructure

Review the status of ambient monitors in scattered facilities, attended and unattended machines right across your IT estate without having to leave your desk. With TeamViewer, technical staff have the ability to access, manage, and support people, devices, systems, and applications centrally, at scale and with a reduced need for expensive call-outs.

Faster resolution of bottlenecks

From missing clearance forms through to updated costs estimates, use TeamViewer to give colleagues, trade customers, and supply chain partners an instant view of documents, images, and other assets without the need for a full drawn-out email exchange. Enterprise-grade performance — including superior image quality and connection stability — means you can even transmit video and still enjoy a lag-free user experience.


Customer success

Why choose TeamViewer?


Secured by end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, conditional access, SSO, and more, TeamViewer provides the safest possible framework for remote support, communication, and collaboration right across your business and wider supply chain.

Integrations and deployment options

Use TeamViewer integrations for interoperability with your existing UEM, WMS, ERP, and other enterprise platforms. Choose precisely the remote access and AR solutions you need to support existing and planned operations, with several cloud and on-premises deployment options available.


An always-on logistics enterprise requires 24/7 connectivity. TeamViewer’s global access network ensures ultra-reliable connections for your entire business, enabling remote access, support, and AR-based interactive sessions with fast transfer speeds, direct data access, and high image quality.