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As the Theatre of Dreams centre was under development, a US-based Harves Entertainment partner was unable to work on-site for deployment and commissioning due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Therefore, a remote connectivity solution was needed to facilitate guidance and operation. To ensure project progress, it was critical that the remote access solution remained stable and reliable without any interruptions.


With the TeamViewer remote access solution, Harves Entertainment is able to remotely control approximately 50 computers, tablets, and simulators with stable and smooth connections. The staff can also use TeamViewer to access the server to install software, read and write data, commission equipment, and other tasks, so ensuring successful project implementation.

Chief Technology Officer Harves Entertainment

“TeamViewer’s remote-control solutions have helped us greatly in developing and realizing our ‘Theatre of Dreams’ project with large cost savings. We hope more and more people will have the opportunity to experience such instant, efficient, and practical remote connectivity in future projects.”