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November 3, 2015
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With immense delight, I can announce the launch of TeamViewer 11 Beta. It marks a major step forward – not only for TeamViewer, but also for the entire remote access and online collaboration market.

Your feedback has been invaluable. We’ve listened to what you’ve said, and our team has worked tirelessly to deliver the very best features to meet your needs.

It is a challenge we accepted: to break more new ground than ever before.

To assist us in doing so, we hired many talented individuals to help us move faster in our development of TeamViewer for you. I’ve personally seen my team double in size over the past twelve months.

As a result, TeamViewer 11 provides a massive improvement to functionality, reflects major trends, and delivers, among other things:

  • the first easy unattended access to Android devices
  • the very first professional remote control solution to run on Chrome OS
  • the easiest connection to Linux systems that lack a graphical user interface

TeamViewer will help you to connect more people and things that matter than ever before.

So what can you expect from TeamViewer 11?

» Unattended access to Android devices

Need to provide support to devices that run Android – such as point of sales, ATMs, electronic billboards, and vending machines?

TeamViewer is the first vendor in the market to provide easy access to unattended Android devices.

Unattended access is absolutely critical to efficient maintenance of these devices.

» First professional solution for Chrome OS

Going away on a business trip with your Chromebook in hand?

Now, for the very first time, you can remotely access your office or home computer, or even supply remote tech support from wherever you are.

TeamViewer 11 is the first professional remote control solution to run on Chrome OS by Google.

» Easiest access to headless Linux systems

Running Linux based servers? Now you don’t have to worry about setting up port forwarding, configuring SSH.

By simply connecting to the text console, TeamViewer 11 can now be used to provide remote access to Linux systems without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

» Multiple platform usability

TeamViewer runs (almost) anywhere.

Whether you use devices running iOS 9 or Android M, Windows 10, El Capitan or Windows Server 2012 – TeamViewer 11 will enable you to connect. And of course, TeamViewer 11 still runs on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

» More mobile than ever

Want to chat with your colleagues when you’re out of town or on the go?

Use the all-new TeamViewer chat on iOS and Android devices to keep in touch from wherever you are.

» TeamViewer in the browser

Need to connect to devices from where you are, but only have access to an internet browser from a hotel’s computer?

With TeamViewer 11, you are now able to use your browser for remote support or remote access.

» Give your customers an SOS button

To make it easier than ever for your customers to request support, give them an SOS button.

The customizable QuickSupport SOS button in TeamViewer 11 gives your customers the ability to contact you with just a simple click.

For fast, hassle-free engagement with tech support.

Where can you get TeamViewer 11?

TeamViewer 11 Beta is available immediately for Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile and Chrome OS devices.

To find out more information and to download TeamViewer 11 beta, click the button below!

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